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By Christopher Palmer, Business Development Executive

Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, are the bedrock of any well-running (or at least well-meaning) organization. Companies often develop SOPs over time as they experience both successful and unsuccessful practices during trial-and-error growth phases. Like an organism that evolves over the eons, structured activities that increase efficiency and promote standardization are incorporated into a business’ “genetic code,” while wasteful undertakings are discouraged and discarded.

While SOPs are likely nothing new to your organization, the simple act of knowing what comes next often gets lost when two organizations interact.

Think about how many meetings you’ve had with potential suppliers or partner organizations. How many times do those calls end with, “We’ll get back to you,” or “Thanks so much — we’ll connect again soon!”

The lack of definitive next steps can be frustrating for both sides of a partnership. And that’s why Digital Aerolus has developed an SOP for evaluating industrial UAVs. For many of the partners with whom we work, they’re evaluating or procuring an industrial UAV for the very first time. Rather than play guessing games about what could come next, our SOP tells us — and our partners — what should come next.

We start with a thorough discussion of your needs and applications. This sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often companies that are providing a product forget to ask about their customers’ needs. Yes, we’re eager to talk about the Aertos line and the 130IR’s features, but we don’t want to do that without having a good understanding of your applications and use cases.

Next, we share technical data about the Aertos line. By this point, we should understand your needs and believe that the 130IR can meet them; however, we need you to see what we see — how the 130IR is unique and how that uniqueness can better solve your specific challenges.

Once we both understand that there’s a potential fit, it’s time to prove it. At Digital Aerolus, we don’t just do “demonstrations” or test flights. Instead, we have one of our pilots join you on-site and ask that we fly in the exact conditions and locations where you’ll be using the drone. Need an industrial UAV for tank inspections? Then we’ll inspect one of your tanks and provide you with the data afterwards. We believe in the capabilities of Aertos 130IR, and this is where we prove it.

Our goal is to do more than just show you that the 130IR can fly. Of course it can fly. We want to show you how it can solve your problem or support your needs.

And if you’re unfamiliar with your procurement processes, we’ll help navigate that, too. When you’re ready to get your hands on a 130IR, our team is ready to help you do so quickly and efficiently.

SOPs help make our jobs more efficient and standardized, although the biggest benefit may be better understanding from both parties thanks to great communication. Open and straightforward communication ensures that we’re ready to take next steps together and that you have absolute confidence in us, in the Aertos line, and the 130IRs ability to meet your needs. Our interactions with you — our partners — are based on those very same first principles that guide our product design and development, creating a better outcome for everyone.