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As reported by Gizmodo, UPS announced it has been using TuSimple autonomous trucks to deliver packages across Arizona since May of this year. This week, the delivery giant disclosed that TuSimple self-driving trucks have been hauling UPS deliveries between Phoenix and Tucson.

The news that UPS has already been using self-driving trucks made international news, as many pundits have predicted self-driving cars and trucks are years away. As an autonomous technology company, we weren’t surprised when UPS announced it has been using autonomous trucks for deliveries. We know that autonomous vehicles will be common-place sooner than most people realize.

Autonomous Vehicle News

It’s exciting to be a part of the autonomous technology industry right now. The speed of this industry is moving fast, and the UPS news is just one of the indicators that self-driving vehicles are around the corner. Recent news from car manufacturers is dramatic.

Toyota and Denso have created a venture to develop advanced chips for self-driving and connected cars. The new venture is part of Toyota’s strategy to shift more advanced electronics development to Denso, supplier of advanced components for Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Ford Motor and Volkswagen are teaming up to develop self-driving cars and share electric-car components. The move broadens an existing alliance and shows how automakers are putting aside rivalries to manage the cost of new technologies.

Ford is investing billions in producing electric and self-driving cars. The company is revamping its Michigan-based manufacturing for new electric and self-driving car production.