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Industry forecasts show the commercial UAV market will overtake the consumer segment in the next few years, and the commercial drone industry is experiencing rapid growth. Here are the top commercial drone blogs we read as resources in the ever-changing commercial UAV world.

sUAS News: The Business of Drones

sUAS News is an excellent source to get industry news. The blog is written by UAS pilots and industry executives, who offer a global view of the unmanned aviation landscape. The blog has a wide range of information across the commercial blog world, and we read it to stay informed on global industry trends.
Visit sUASNews.


DroneLife is one of the most popular blogs in the commercial drone industry. DroneLife contains news articles about new drone innovation, commercial drone industry news, and regulatory updates.
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UAV Coach

UAV Coach is written by Alan Perlman, who is an FAA-certified drone pilot. UAV Coach is a resource-rich publication, with blog posts on topics such as sUAS regulations, commercial drone industry trends and how to make money in the commercial drone industry.
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Dronestagram is a blog with amazing drone visuals. Dronestagram features drone aerial photography and videos, as well as contests.
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The Drone Girl

Sally French writes The Drone Girl, providing a nice balance of news and technology updates with advice about drone applications. French has a geeky love of drones that makes The Drone Girl one of our favorite reads.
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DroneGuru blog has content for commercial drones and consumer drones. The blog contains relevant reviews and breaking news for experts and beginners. DroneGuru’s tips section is AMAZING.
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If you use commercial drones for industrial inspections, construction or mining–you need to read DroneDeploy blog. The blog is a must-read at Digital Aerolus, with extremely helpful information.
Visit DroneDeploy. 

Unmanned Systems Technology

Unmanned Systems Technology blog covers the commercial drone industry. The blog contains information on relevant trade conferences, with insights for drone manufacturers.
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Unmanned Aerial Online

Unmanned Aerial Online covers new drone applications and technology, for both commercial and consumer markets. Unmanned Aerial Online features expert analysis and it’s a great resource.
Visit Unmanned Aerial Online.

Inside Unmanned Systems

Inside Unmanned Systems is a great blog for commercial drone news and resources. Their articles are in-depth and professional, and they know what they’re talking about when it comes to the business side of the drone industry.
Visit Inside Unmanned Systems.

Commercial UAV News

Commercial UAV News is the website for the Commercial UAV Trade Show. The main content focuses on various events, but the blog for Commercial UAV News is an excellent industry resource.
Visit Commercial UAV News.