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Three Drone Problems

By September 26, 2019October 7th, 2020No Comments

Drones are inherently unstable. Digital Aerolus makes the only drone that doesn’t rely on external sensors and GPS for stable flight. Our drones don’t need external help in the form of GPS, a compass heading, or optical flow. Our drones are far less affected by the environment, which helps businesses save time, save money, and increase employee safety.

1. Our Drones Fly and Hover Stably Without GPS or External Sensors

  • Aertos drones fly stably indoors, in confined spaces and GPS-denied environments
  • Aertos drones fly next to high walls, thick canopies, culverts and under bridges

2. Our Drones Are Instantly Deployable

  • Our drones can be deployed instantly, with no start-up time
  • Our pilots launch our drones in the air to operate

3. Our Drones Use AI 

  • Our solution connects sensors and flight data to allow integrated AI behaviors
  • Aertos drones have intelligent responses. For example, these behaviors enable our drones to distinguish between the force of wind and a wall

Drones Flight Without GPS

Digital Aerolus has created unique AI technologies that will allow autonomous unmanned vehicles to navigate in the air, ground, water, and underwater. Digital Aerolus designed the Aertos™ commercial drones based on elements of its autonomous technology: the Mind of Motion Framework™ (MMF™) and Folded Geometry flight Code™ (FGC™), enabling drones to fly with intrinsic stability without requiring GPS or other external signals.

Our company has numerous granted and in-process patents. Our drones use this proprietary technology to fly stably into places other drones can’t go.

Digital Aerolus Highlight Video

Digital Aerolus drones are the most powerful industrial indoor drones in the market. Our Aertos drones draw upon the capabilities of our proprietary technology. Our highlight video shows some of the features that set our drones apart.