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As featured on The Guided Retirement Show, Episode 36

You’ll usually find the Digital Aerolus team hyper-focused on the development and improvement of our UAS platform. Of late, our lives have been consumed with fine-tuning the Aertos 130IR, our next-generation autonomous UAV that will change how the industry views GPS-denied, confined-space drones.

But the code at the heart of the 130IR’s flight — our proprietary Folded Geometry Framework®, or FGF® — has applications that go far beyond inspection drones. In fact, Digital Aerolus is an autonomous technology company, and our framework will enable revolutionary mobility systems for any vehicles that flies, drives, dives or swims.

Our co-founder and CEO Jeff Alholm is a technologist with a long record of successful business ventures, products, and patents. While breaking new ground yet again at Digital Aerolus, Jeff frequently takes the time to share his insights with the world. In Episode 36 of The Guided Retirement Show, Dean Barber interviews Jeff about today’s technological revolution and how it will impact the ways we work, how we stay connected, and the inspiring power of a big vision.

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