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Emerging technology is helping offices open so that employees can return to work. A recent Harvard Business Review article reports that nearly half of employees are concerned that their employers will bring them back to work before it’s safe. Employers have to address the anxiety employees have surrounding COVID-19, so that worker productivity and engagement can return to normal.

According to Biz Tech Magazine, research indicates that “61 percent of knowledge workers concerned about their health, 25 percent still want to return to their office.”

Helping Offices Open Safely

Digital Aerolus and other tech companies are hard at work, creating emerging to help offices re-open safely. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine identified a positive outcome from the pandemic:

“The current crisis has disrupted work and life around the world. However, the spirit of innovation, with its resiliency and determination, proves that such worldwide obstacles don’t have to create the same disruption.”

Entrepreneur identified multiple tech solutions being developed and implemented to battle COVID-19. The article summarizes solutions for data collection, contact tracing, early detection, disinfection, and more.

Biz Tech Magazine outlines some new solutions that will help offices re-open safely. The article contains several resources on solutions businesses can implement to keep employees safer, including sanitation drones, social-distance monitors, thermal cameras, etc.

Aertos 120-UVC Rapid Disinfection Solution

Digital Aerolus’ Aertos 120-UVC is a powerful rapid disinfection solution to mitigate the risk of COVID-19, using UVC energy. The drone provides medical-grade disinfection without harsh chemicals. The Aertos 120-UVC drones disinfect hundreds of cubic feet of air and hundreds of square feet of surfaces in just one flight.

The Aertos 120-UVC rapid disinfection combines UVC energy with high-tech drone technology to deliver a disinfection solution on surfaces and in the air. UVC disinfection does what the other cleaning protocols cannot: UVC energy inactivates pathogens by damaging their DNA structure. They cannot reproduce and, ultimately, spread throughout a room or surface.

Back to Work Brochure

Find out more about the Aertos 120-UVC Rapid Disinfection Drone. Download the Back to Work brochure for additional information on how the UVC drone can help your office re-open safely. 

Download the Back to Work Brochure Here

If you have questions or would like to speak to a team member immediately about the Aertos 120-UVC disinfection solution, please contact us or call 1-800-894-3616, press two for sales.