The Digital Aerolus team has almost completed its move from Shawnee to its new facility in Lenexa, Kansas!

Like most corporate moves, this transplant will require lots of time and effort – like maybe 2 months of planning and execution. We’re gaining an increase in office space, in development lab space, and in production line capacity. We’ll also have a considerably larger Fly Space area and a shared warehouse to explore – so be looking for a bunch of new drone demo videos.

Shortly after we started the move, some of the engineering team took a well-deserved break from developing OS software, testing propeller designs, and setting up new offices – and gathered in the new Showroom for some medium-warm pizza and a few Arnold Palmers. We toasted the new digs and the future of Digital Aerolus and intelligent drones. Righteous!

We’ll miss Shawnee, Kansas – – but it’s a good move up and forward. Three Cheers, & Onward!!