Look for the Digital Aerolus team at Booth 2803 at the world-renowned AUVSI Xponential 2019 – from Monday 4/29 thru Thursday 5/2 at McCormick Place in Chicago. We’ll be on hand to show the world the latest design features and newest iterations of flight code that have even further enhanced the stability and flyability of our Aertos™ industrial drones.

Since we introduced the Aertos drones and their industry-awakening capability to navigate stably in the absence of GPS satellite signals without deploying ultrasound, LIDAR, or optical flow, our customers across the industries we serve have taken notice. Aertos™ UAVs from Digital Aerolus are now serving organizations in industrial inspection, mining, public safety, and other important industries.

Rugged Aertos drones deploy protected blades, a Bernoulli ducted fan design and our proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code™ – technology we believe will revolutionize how vehicles from drones to subs, cars, and planes navigate complicated environments. These and other Digital Aerolus innovations equip Aertos™ drones to complete flight missions indoors and in challenging environments that defeat other drones that can only fly stably when GPS signals are present.

Drop by Booth 2803 and say Hello. See you there!!