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by Leo Johns, Aertos Product Manager

Who’s using Aertos UAVs for real missions right now?

ARE Corp in Irvine, California depends on Aertos drones to complete ARE’s real world bridge inspection missions. Nick Ray, UAS Bridge Inspection Lead, explains how Aertos technology helped his team complete a recent inspection of a metal trestle over the Ohio River.

Here’s what Nick said:


“Typically speaking, all we are able to do is fly all of our drones from the exterior looking from the top down from the side in and from the bottom up. But, we are not able to fly inside of any of the structures.

“The huge differentiator (of the Aertos) is we are able to fly up into the structure – which to date is impossible with anything else. The Aertos…never runs on GPS, never runs into any compass error, never needs any external references. So, we are able to fly inside of the bridge completely in a GPS-denied environment.

“And it learns from your control as you fly it…it begins to know what it needs to know in order to maintain position and to fly smoothly.

No other drone would be able to survive without crashing.”


In 2018, the Aertos 120 UAV introduced the world to the power of the Folded Geometry Framework, DA’s drone control code method that learns from how a pilot moves his control sticks. This revolutionary approach to FPV flight management meant that, for the first time, a drone with a high-resolution camera could fly stably and navigate into spaces where GPS is intermittent, unreliable, or unavailable entirely.

But, the Aertos 120 came with some drawbacks. For example, we built parts of the 120 series on foundational technologies from foreign manufacturers, and this meant that managing security in the long term would be a challenge.

Now, the all-secure, all-USA, all-new Aertos 130IR is in its final development stages.

The Aertos 130IR delivers the power of advanced processors and the latest AI technology in a rugged drone that meets every challenge presented by real-world missions in confined spaces and without GPS. It’s a serious, ultra-stable tool with surprising autonomous control behaviors, and it carries the omnidirectional optical and IR sensors that industries are asking for today – and that the fully-autonomous behaviors-based missions of tomorrow will require.

This new Aertos UAV promises to revolutionize how drone tools are used. The 50% of the world that’s been closed to serious inspection drones is about to blow wide open: indoors, underground, in tunnels and mines, inside gas, coal, & nuclear energy plants – and underneath those 22,000 trestles on the Ohio River.