An Aertos™ drone flies a mission in a functioning power facility in Missouri, navigating the Darth Vader Catwalk before peering into the Eye of Sauron – the portal of a natural gas burner.

DA pilot Jenna Squires deploys an Aertos 120 to complete this 12/18 indoor mission without LIDAR, optical flow, ultrasound, or other sensors. Protected blades and Bernoulli ducted fan design enable the UAV to survive collisions and successfully navigate harsh environments.

Rugged Aertos drones navigate indoors, in the dark, and in GPS denied environments thanks to the Digital Aerolus Mind of Motion Framework (MMF™) and Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight Code.

We believe DA technology will revolutionize how vehicles from drones to submarines, cars, and planes navigate complicated environments. These innovations equip Aertos drones to complete flight missions indoors and in dangerous environments that defeat outdoor drones that depend on GPS signals.

* onboard cams = FPV Foxeer Predator Micro; Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 on custom gimbal
* hand cam = Samsung Galaxy 8

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