When recent Great Midwest Bomb Cyclone invaded in early March 2019, the DA team what most of the rest of you did: we hunkered down in the record snows and barometric lows, and designed some autonomous behavior algorithms for our next generation of drones. We emerged a few days later without much of a compelling weather story.

But, the Missouri River wasn’t so lucky.

Here’s the river’s weather story: after the blizzard stopped howling and the sun came out and began to melt the snow, water started to soak the land, and the resulting overflow then inundated lower Iowa and upper Missouri. The river flooded to historic levels, and vast areas of northern Missouri were under water: towns; bridges and highways; homes. Thousands of people had to abandon their cars or evacuate their homes and businesses.

The DA field team decided to pack up an Aertos 120 drone so we could take a look. We drove to St. Joseph, MO, to fly over a flooded construction site. Later, we flew missions near the flooded Casino and inspected causeways, bridges, and riverbanks from the air.

In this video near St. Joseph, MO, pilot Jenna Squires flies the Aertos drone on a high-risk mission over the Missouri River and through a construction storage trailer near Interstate 29.

Rugged Aertos drones deploy protected blades and a Bernoulli ducted fan design and our proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code – technology we believe will revolutionize how vehicles from drones to subs, cars, and planes navigate complicated environments. These and other Digital Aerolus innovations equip Aertos drones to complete flight missions indoors and in dangerous environments that defeat other drones that can only fly when GPS signals are present.

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