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Open PR

Digital Aerolus A “Key Player” in Confined Space Drones

Insight Partners names Digital Aerolus as a key player in the confined space drone market.

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Inside Unmanned Systems

Navigating in Deep Space to Flying in Confined Spaces

Digital Aerolus built upon their company roots to design the Aertos commercial inspection drones.

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Authority Magazine

Big Ideas That Might Change The World: Jeff Alholm

CEO Jeff Alholm was interviewed for Authority magazine’s series featuring tech leaders.

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7 Ways Technology Works to Address a World in Crisis

The Digital Aerolus drone disinfects hard-to-reach places while protecting pilots from coronavirus.

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Automation World

AI Drives New Industrial Inspection Drones

Digital Aerolus has created autonomous industrial inspection drones using artificial intelligence.

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First Indoor Disinfection Drone Fights COVID-19

Dr. Alice Ferng interviews CEO Jeff Alholm about the coronavirus-fighting drone by Digital Aerolus.

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Barber Financial Group

Future of Work, Connectivity, and Technology

Interview with Jeff Alholm about the power of technology to transform lives.

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Indoor Drone Uses UVC Light to Help Fight Coronavirus

Disinfectant drone uses ultraviolet light to kill the virus as it flies autonomously within buildings.

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Flying Coronavirus Killer: How a Drone Fights COVID-19

Companies are repurposing existing technology for innovative solutions to virus-related issues.

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