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by Jacob Davisson, Head of Engineering

As discussed last week, one of the things that I think differentiates Digital Aerolus in the marketplace is our first-principles approach to design and engineering. We apply this across the board, starting with your challenges in mind. For a little over a year, we have been applying this approach to our new pilot controller system — which we know will revolutionize the way you collect data.

From the start, this project was undertaken with the end-user experience driving the design. A device so coupled with the pilot experience should necessarily have the pilot in mind. We knew that this controller system had to deliver a high-quality video stream back to the pilot with low latency, and that it must include only radio communication components designed in North America due to our mindfulness of geo-political matters. Both form and function were married together in the resulting product, which we are pleased to offer as standard equipment across our entire product line.

Our goal for this project was to design a controller rugged enough to go where the work is. The external housing for this device is not only rugged but also comfortable to hold. Video is transmitted over a secure and robustly-encrypted radio link designed with components sourced from North American countries. At each end of the radio transmission link is a high-performance Nvidia processor. This processor encodes and decodes your video data, but also provides us the flexibility to continue adding to the experience of autonomous flight with Digital Aerolus.

We have engineered a pilot controller system that we are incredibly proud of — one which we think will significantly improve your ability to capture detailed images, switch between high-resolution, real-time video feeds, and assist in your control over the Aertos family of drones. There is nothing like this pilot controller system available on the market, and we are as proud to say we did the work to design it for you as we are proud to say that it was designed and manufactured in these great United States.