Digital Aerolus Announces Expanded Line of Aertos Industrial Drones

Digital Aerolus Announces Expanded Line of Aertos Industrial Drones


Digital Aerolus Announces New Aertos™ Industrial Drones For GPS-Challenged Environments

Shawnee, Kansas – June 18, 2018

Digital Aerolus, manufacturer of drones and software for industry, today announced new additions to its Aertos™ line of unmanned aerial vehicles. The company develops software and hardware technologies at its facilities near Kansas City.

The expanded product line includes the Aertos™ 300, an open-blade inspection drone, and the Aertos™ 121, a ducted fan reconnaissance drone optimized for public safety officers and first responders. Both models are extension designs of the company’s flagship Aertos™ 120 industrial inspection drone.

All Aertos™ models use the company’s Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) and advanced mathematics to fly stably and safely in challenging areas where positioning information from GPS satellites may be compromised or denied. Other technologies like innovative duct and propeller designs and obstacle sensing enable Aertos™ drones to collect image data in confined spaces and other demanding environments.

“Our drone technologies help bridge and structure inspectors keep highways safe,” said Digital Aerolus CEO Jeff Alholm.  “We’re also helping public safety officers and first responder teams obtain critical field information from the safety of a remote location. We’re committed to developing effective and efficient flight and data collection systems for our client partners.” Target markets also include mining operations, power plant inspections, and warehouse inventory management.

With engineering roots in the Caltech Planetary Science Group, Digital Aerolus began developing flight code and drones in 2014. The company delivered its first products in the Aertos™ line in 2018.

Jim Frank, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added: “We showcased our new products at the recent AUVSI Xponential show in Denver, and they attracted considerable attention. We’re planning more technology enhancements, and we expect to significantly expand our manufacturing and sales through 2018 and beyond.”

To learn more about Digital Aerolus and Aertos™ industrial drones, or to arrange an interview, contact Jim Frank at 800.894.3616, or by email at, or visit the website at

About Digital Aerolus

Digital Aerolus, based in Shawnee, Kansas, develops software and hardware for unmanned aerial systems, and manufactures the Aertos™ drones for industrial markets. The company’s proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) equips drones to fly stably in challenging and previously inaccessible environments and confined spaces, including inside structures and underground where GPS signals are compromised or denied. Designed upon advanced mathematics used in space flight control systems, FGC™ can be adapted to power other UAV/UAS and drone platforms. Read more about Digital Aerolus at


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Sterling Experience at AUVSI Drone Show

Sterling Experience at AUVSI Drone Show

Some Digital Aerolus team members attended the AUVSI Xponential 2018 show in Denver. Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, and growing relationships and friendships were the order of the week.

Team members in front of the show booth

(L-R: Nash; Jim; Dennis; Rod)

At the AUVSI show, we saw an overwhelming response to our family of drones that fly in GPS-denied environments. We presented a new line of products tailored for the Public Safety and Warehousing market sectors – products that extend the design innovations of our flagship Aertos 120™ inspection drone.

For example, we announced an open-bladed design that incorporates the company’s FGC™ flight code software for stable flight in GPS-compromised areas. Open-blade designs may be a good choice for flying in areas where the risk of collision with obstacles is low, and this approach can allow for larger propellers and extended per-battery flight times.

Thanks to our customers and new friends for your continuing interest in Digital Aerolus. Exciting times are certainly ahead as the market and the array of applications for UAV technology grows. See you at the next trade show!


Digital Aerolus To Attend 2018 AUVSI Show

Digital Aerolus To Attend 2018 AUVSI Show

The Digital Aerolus team to announce new products at Denver Trade Show

The Digital Aerolus team will attend the AUVSI Xponential “All things Unmanned” Show in Denver on May 1-3, 2018.

The team plans to announce 3 specialty products for the inspection drone market:

  • the Aertos 121
  • the Aertos 200
  • the Aertos 300

These products compliment the Aertos 120 to provide a complete family of products to meet a variety of needs.

Read more about the AUVSI show at the UAVSI website.

From the site: “AUVSI represents the views of the unmanned systems and robotics community to government officials, regulators, media and the public. On behalf of our membership we are committed to shaping global policy by advocating on behalf of the unmanned systems and robotics community, monitoring legislation and assessing the global impact of the industry to ensure that obstacles to advancing and fielding these technologies are removed. We represent the industry in congressional hearings, participate in coalitions and rulemaking committees, and collaborate with various trade associations and stakeholders to serve and achieve the interests of our industry.”

Pilots Want Sturdy, Stable Drones

Pilots Want Sturdy, Stable Drones

A rugged, sturdy drone design makes it easy to fly safely around equipment and other obstructions.

What happens when your drone contacts obstacles? Digiutal Aerolus drones are constructed of rugged carbon fiber to withstand harsh environments and to fly challenging missions both indoors and out – even in GPS-compromised areas.

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Digital Aerolus to Announce New Aertos Drones

Digital Aerolus to Announce New Aertos Drones

In Spring 2018, Digital Aerolus is set to announce a revised product line of industrial UAVs in the Aertos™ series. The revised line includes these models:


Designed for industrial inspections, the Aertos 120™ utilizes efficient internally ducted fans for propulsion. The unique combination of Folded Geometry (FCG™) flight code and ducted fans in our flagship Aertos 120™ model delivers a stable and robust vehicle that can survive the harshest environments. (more…)


Digital Aerolus introduces the advanced Aertos 300™, an industrial inspection drone with open blades. The Aertos 300™ is optimized to assist inspection operations in confined spaces and complete tasks that can prove costly and dangerous if executed by manned operation teams. The Aertos 300™ demonstrates the multiple innovations and a commitment to excellence that will change the way you and your organization consider drones. (more…)


Digital Aerolus introduces the Aertos 121™, a ducted reconnaissance drone optimized for first responders and emergency response teams. The Aertos 121™ is based on our flagship Aertos 120™, and utilizes efficient internally ducted fans for propulsion. The rugged duct design and Folded Geometry (FCG™) flight code combines to deliver a stable, reliable, robust vehicle that survives the harsh environments encountered by police teams and first responders. (more…)



Digital Aerolus introduces the advanced Aertos 200™ and Aertos 201™, industrial drones optimized for warehouse inventory operations. Deploying either an internally ducted fan design or open blades for propulsion, the Aertos 201™ and Aertos 201™ integrate Dronescan software and hardware for efficient inventory scanning. Folded Geometry (FCG™) flight code enables stable, predictable, flights in any warehouse environment. (more…)

See our Products page for more information.

Spectacular Drone Video Over An Active Volcano – Nat Geo

Spectacular Drone Video Over An Active Volcano – Nat Geo

Recent eruptions on the island of Hawaii have again refocused the attention of world’s media on disaster zones, and the earth’s most active volcanic hot spot, and the importance of obtaining information and data in challenging environments.

The most active volcano in Hawaii is Mt. Kilauea. According to LiveScience in 2014, the current eruption cycle began in 1983. Sections of Kilauea have been continuously erupting since then, and this most recent eruption lasted for several months. (Update: in May 2018, Kilauea is actively erupting again. See the Wikipedia article and links.)

Videographers are increasingly using drones to explore volcano craters. In 2015, drones captured these spectacular video images in 2015 over the Marum Crater near Ambrym on the Pacific island of Vanuatu. The drones did not survive the harsh, challenging environment near the 2000*F molten basalt lava.



From Nat Geo’s channel:

“Video technology and science converge on an active volcano in Vanuatu, where explorer Sam Cossman operated camera-mounted drones to capture high-definition images of the spectacular yet dangerous Marum Crater.

“Cossman and his team piloted the drones over the 7.5-mile-wide (12-kilometer) caldera while confronting toxic gases and boiling lava. Although two drones succumbed to the harsh environment, the team was able to bring back video and photos that will help scientists learn more about the volcano and the life around it.”

Digital Aerolus designs and builds the rugged Aertos™ drones. We continue to develop drones that can withstand the challenges of harsh environments – for example, where information from GPS satellites is compromised or denied.

The drone that captured this video for NatGeo wasn’t able to survive the harsh environment. We’re not ready to tackle the lava caldera of an active volcano yet. But, maybe someday…


Digital Aerolus Named Novus Unmanned Startup Finalist at AUVSI

Digital Aerolus Named Novus Unmanned Startup Finalist at AUVSI

Digital Aerolus was one of 10 startups recognized as a Novus Unmanned Finalist at the 2017 UAVSI, held on November 1 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.

Novus Unmanned, a “showcase of inventors and early stage innovations in autonomous and unmanned systems technology—we who dare to fail”, partners with the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International and with Investorfest to present AUVSI Novus Unmanned.

Novus Unmanned is a premier gathering of top investors and investment-ready startups that are seek start-up stage funding exclusively in the unmanned and autonomous space. Participating in Novus Unmanned connects Digital Aerolus to funding sources, mentorships, and opportunities to create connections in the industry.

Digital Aerolus is grateful for the recognition by AUVSI and Novus Unmanned. Thanks!