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Digital Aerolus delivers space age technology to the drone market. We give clients the capability to fly missions indoors, underground, or near areas without GPS. Our drones address the real-world challenges of public safety departments and police, fire, & emergency response officers, infrastructure inspections, and inspections in energy facilities and mines.  Our clients use our Aertos™ drones because they need solutions and haven’t been able to find a drone that can fly stably indoors and in confined spaces.

Digital Aerolus UAVs deploy our cornerstone Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) technology, a flight control and operating system built on advanced flight mathematics used in space navigation. Our technologies are proprietary and are unique to the commercial drone industry.

Proprietary Digital Aerolus technologies offer sustainable and competitive advantages, and deliver previously unimagined performance characteristics to the dynamic and growing UAV market.

Look at this video from a recent power plant inspection. See how close the Aertos™ 120 can get to the objects needing inspection.

Digital Aerolus designs and builds the Artificial Intelligence capabilities into our drones, so they can fly into spaces where other drones can’t go.