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infrastructure inspections | signal dense spaces | no GPS required

Infrastructure Inspections


Infrastructure inspectors deploy drones to collect the information they need to maintain bridges, roadways, and structures. UAVs can increase efficiency, improve workflow, and save money – and safely help your team members conduct operations from a remote location.

Drones collect critical visual data that can mean the difference between success and disaster. Using a drone quickly improves the efficiency of data-gathering operations and eliminates complicated and costly regulatory overhead. And, in challenging environments where steel, concrete, or other materials compromise the availability of GPS signals, Aertos™ drones from Digital Aerolus provide safety, efficiency, and high return on investment.

Examples include:

  • Lifespan and safety management for bridges, highways and other public infrastructure
  • Inspecting tunnels, culverts and sewers
  • Public works and facilities maintenance
  • Exploring dams and waterways
  • Visual inspection of lighthouses, wharves, docks, and piers
  • Towers, stacks, and support structure inspections

The Aertos 120™ drone provides a rugged, stable, predictable solution for infrastructure applications like these, and for missions most drones can’t complete. Contact us for more information or to discuss with a Digital Aerolus representative how an Aertos™ drone can help your team.

Industrial inspections with the reliable and stable Aertos 120 unmanned aerial vehicledrone inspection of a bridge, tunnel, culvert, tank or infrastructure from a safe remote location

Our cornerstone drone technology designed specifically for infrastructure inspections:


  • Highway & railroad bridges
  • Tunnels & spillways
  • Buildings & storage areas
  • Underground vaults & manholes
  • Dams and waterways
  • Sewers and culverts
  • …and more

Digital Aerolus Drones Deliver Six Key Features


Stable indoor and outdoor, even in GPS-challenged areas. Predictable flights indoors and out – even if the UAV strikes an object.



Safe ducted & protected-blade designs reduce risk and prevents injury to your workforce, and damage to nearby objects and even the UAV itself.



Simple to start, simple to launch. Deploy rapidly – from carrying case into your airspace in a matter of seconds.



High-resolution video telemetry and still images – with broad visual view both horizontal or vertical – even in darkness.


Rugged design and strong materials means that Digital Aerolus drones can handle your challenging day-to-day work environment.



Compact designs – the perfect tools for tight and confined spaces and places other drones can’t even imagine going.