Today’s Xponential drone Expo experience was  literally off the hook as well as over the proverbial top.

Trade shows often deliver landslides of information that are more than most minds can manage. We spent the day meeting with customers and friends, researching sensors and technologies, setting up new flight demos and proposals – – and trying to keep all our contacts and promises straight. Several new customers couldn’t have been more eager to see the Aertos™ drones in action in their use case in the field.

A common question was “How does your hardware do what we are watching it do?” While we prefer to protect the deepest levels of explanation about our proprietary methods and keep that layer to ourselves, it’s always challenging fun to sense what a potential customer wants, figure out what specific use case he wants to solve, and propose real Aertos-based UAV solutions that don’t require GPS or a complex suite of supporting sensors like optical flow or LiDAR.


It’s still raining in Chicago — we haven”t seen the sun all week. It’s kind of ironic that although we’re at a drone show there’s not a UAV in the air within miles – – because the weather’s poor. Stay tuned for more!

Digital Aerolus CEO Jeff Alholm and Master Pilot Jenna Squires explain the multi-dimensional algebra of DA’s Mind of Motion framework to a potential client at the UAVSA Xponential drone Expo in Chicago.