The DA team’s at the Xponential Expo in Chicago – exhibiting and demonstrating our GPS-denied indoor drone technology to attendees and customers at the show.

Day 1 was an avalanche of Busy, with many fruitful conversations, requests to set up flight demos, and even an invite to a field location in Chicago where we’ll conduct a private demonstration today for a client who seemes to understand the capabilities of the Aertos drone and its promise to transform how the world sees indoor drone flight.

Aertos drone Expo booth

The Aertos booth gathering interest from show attendees who want to know more about DS’s indoor no-GPS flight technology

DA Project Coordinator Jay Manifold said: “Shows like this one are an opportunity to identify new markets and make new friends. As examples, we spoke at length to research & development labs and cinematographers interested in our stable drones for moviemaking. And, of course, we saw the expected high interest in our warehousing, mining, and energy sector markets.”

We’re in rainy Chicago through Thursday afternoon. Stay tuned for more!!


Here’s the Bell Nexus air taxi – which deploys ducted Bernoulli fan technology similar to the DA Aertos drones. Great minds, etc. etc.