The DA team had a spectacular Closing Day at Xponential today.

[By the way: that’s the Bell Nexus eVTOL air taxi in the photo above. The Nexus air car design features Bernoulli ducted fan propulsion similar to the technology in DA’s Aertos™ UAVs. Cool, huh?]

Trade Show Thursdays are often low traffic: most attendees with Visitor Badges take advantage of the energy of Tuesday and Wednesday to walk the aisles & explore the booths, experience the Exhibitor demos, collect product information brochures and bags of swag, and shake hands on new friendships. Then, on Thursday, many manufacturers and exhibitors get their own chance to walk the aisles with fewer visitors around, & to stop by booths to ask serious questions and maybe even forge a deal or two.

Thursday traffc in the Xpnential trade show

Thursday traffic in the Xponential trade show aisles seemed kind of light — except at the DA booth which attracted lots of attention…

The Digital Aerolus booth was over-the-top busy with traffic today. Many of our competitors’ displays seemed to be a little quiet, but we saw a steady flow of interested people that wanted to make sure that the startling capabilities of Aertos™ drones to navigate in challenging indoor spaces that defeat our competitors fit into their plans.

DA Aeronautics Engineer Nash Reimer said: “Lots of cool stuff happened today. Just as an example, we had at least one offer for an immediate deal, and we found a supplier that will help us make sure our customers have the best possible experience when we deliver a packaged inspection drone system and they unpack or transport it. We want to do everything we can to make sure we treat our customers with exceptional care.”

We packed the display booth back into the vans in record time so we could get on the road back to Kansas ASAP. The flight team demonstrates the Aertos™ drones tomorrow for a major law enforcement entity – and we also have another promising flight demo with a power company.

Xponential 2019 in Chicago was fantastic. See you next time!

all about Aertos drones

Not many visitors to some of the Xponential Expo booths – – but lots of visitors crowded around the Digital Aerolus booth wanting to know more about Aertos™ drones.