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Aertos™ commercial inspection drones from Digital Aerolus conform to the rugged specifications required by the industries we serve. Patented Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight Code delivers advanced stability and predictable flight unmatched by other inspection UAVs.

Aertos™ drones operate stably when GPS is not accessible – the superior solution for every type of indoor, underground, and GPS-interfered inspection.

Aertos™ drones are designed to serve the following industries, and more:

Industrial Inspections

The inspection industry is growing rapidly as organizations realize how UAVs can increase efficiency, improve workflow, and save money.

The Aertos 120™ provides a rugged, stable, and predictable solution for inspecting buildings and structures in a variety of use cases – especially in challenging areas where steel, metal, or dense materials compromise GPS signals.

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Emergency Response

When seconds matter, first responders and emergency personnel must rapidly assess a situation so they can protect lives and property. Structural hazards, chemical spills, active shooters, and other emergency situations require immediate information in real time.

The rugged, nimble Aertos 121™ drone helps first responders maximize their awareness of situations in hazardous and hard-to-reach places.

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Our cornerstone drone technology designed for industrial inspections:


  • Highway & railroad bridges
  • Tunnels & culverts
  • Boilers & storage tanks
  • Buildings & storage areas
  • Underground vaults & manholes
  • Warehouse operations
  • Underground mines
  • …and more


Inspecting modern infrastructure for defects and/or maintenance purposes can be challenging, and deploying a human team can be hazardous, dangerous, or unfeasable. Gaining accurate information using the hi-res video camera on a UAV seems ideal. But, drones that rely on GPS for stability can’t fly near steel girders and concrete.

The rugged Aertos 121™ drone flies where other drones can’t, and survives collisions in hazardous and hard-to-reach places.

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As modern warehouses grow in size and complexity, the technical requirements for managing and accounting for inventory have equally grown. Automating a warehouse/inventory operation can introduce substantial time and cost savings.

Aertos™ drones are designed to be payload agnostic. Custom hardware for warehousing can include a side-mounted scanner and software for surveying shelves using bar codes and QR codes. If inventory information provided by a UAV can help your warehouse, consider a reliable, efficient Aertos™ drone.

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Energy firms use drones to inspect facilities – like looking for a steam leak in a power plant, surveying a nuclear plant’s cooling pond, or inspecting an emissions stack. Aertos drones fly in environments that defeat other drones: in spaces dense with interfering electrical signals; or inside where access to GPS telemetry is denied or compromised.

The Aertos 120™ and Aertos 300™ drone provide energy facilities with inportant high-resolution photos and video for maintainence and reporting.

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Typical UAVs rely on signals from GPS satellites to achieve stable flight. So, they are limited to outdoor flight, and the operational overhead of managing government FFA requirements.

Aertos™ drones unlock you to explore half the world – so you can fly indoors and underground. Our drones fly stably and predictably in mines, caves, and other spaces where GPS signals are absent. Mine operations use our UAVs to survey tunnels, examine chat piles, and maintain the safety of their operation.

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Digital Aerolus Drones Deliver Six Key Features


Stable indoor and outdoor, even in GPS-challenged areas. Predictable flights indoors and out – even if the UAV strikes an object.


Safe ducted & protected-blade designs reduce risk and prevents injury to your workforce, and damage to nearby objects and even the UAV itself.


Simple to start, simple to launch. Deploy rapidly – from carrying case into your airspace in a matter of seconds.


High-resolution video telemetry and still images – with broad visual view both horizontal or vertical – even in darkness.


Rugged design and strong materials means that Digital Aerolus drones can handle your challenging day-to-day work environment.


Compact designs – the perfect tools for tight and confined spaces and places other drones can’t even imagine going.