The Aertos family of drones from Digital Aerolus supports businesses in the following industries: Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Energy, Public Safety, Mining, Media, and more. Our commercial indoor drones allow organizations to increase productivity, boost actionable business data, and improve workforce safety.

Organizations utilize Digital Aerolus drones to inspect assets from a previously impossible perspective.

How To Use Aertos® Drones

Our drones are put into action in numerous ways, flying stably into areas other drones can’t, including:

  • Inside mines and caves
  • Inside power plants and electrical substations
  • Under and inside bridges, tunnels, and subways
  • Inside nuclear plants and around nuclear radiation
  • Assisting first responders (SWAT, Fire, Police, Homeland Security)
  • Indoor video and still shoots for media
  • Into dangerous or unstable terrain
  • Inside oil & gas storage tanks and refineries

Why Aertos Drones Are Unique

Digital Aerolus has created unique AI technologies that enable autonomous unmanned vehicles to navigate in the air, ground, water, and underwater. Digital Aerolus markets the Aertos commercial drones based on elements of its autonomous technology: the Mind of Motion Framework™ (MMF™) and Folded Geometry Framework (FGF™), enabling drones to fly with intrinsic stability without requiring GPS or other external signals.

Our company has numerous granted and in-process patents. Our drones use this proprietary technology to fly stably into places other drones can’t go.

How Our Drones Help Clients

Following are some examples of how Aertos drones assist teams across diverse industries:

General Industrial Inspection

Our drones stably fly around and under bridges to inspect the structure. Our Aertos drones perform indoor ceiling inspections in factories, flying over the factory floor without shutting down production. Digital Aerolus drones fly into sewers and waterworks, inspecting cracks or obstruction as the pilot stands elsewhere.

Energy and Utilities

Energy – Electrical Power

Digital Aerolus indoor drones are valuable tools for electrical power plants, to increase workforce safety and boost financial efficiency. Our drones are an alternative process of examination in traditional power facilities, reducing the need for workers to work at heights or in confined spaces. Learn more about using drones in the energy sector.

Energy – Nuclear Power

Digital Aerolus drones help nuclear power plants discover suspected leakage and assess the equipment in dangerous components or nuclear plants without having to expose humans to radiation.


Inspecting modern infrastructure for defects or support for maintenance purposes can be challenging, and deploying a human team can be hazardous or dangerous. Digital Aerolus drones have the ability to fly indoors and in confined spaces, giving organizations the ability to assess the structural stability of a bridge or check for a sewer leak quickly. Learn more about using drones in infrastructure.


Mining companies utilize Digital Aerolus technology to increase worker safety and boost productivity. Our drones collect data in areas where workers can’t access, giving organizations the ability to access visual data that was not possible before using our drones. Learn more about using drones in the mining industry.

Public Safety

At Digital Aerolus, it is a priority to reduce the risks of firefighters, police, special forces, and other first responders. Our engineers developed the Aertos 121 specifically to help during emergencies and high-risk situations. Learn more about using drones in public safety.


Filmmakers and media companies utilize our drone technology to capture footage and events in inaccessible or dangerous locations. For example, the Aertos 120 drone was featured in a Travel Channel Series.

Oil & Gas

Safety is critical in the Oil & Gas industry. The Aertos 120 and Aertos 300 drones allow our Oil and Gas industry clients to inspect the inside of storage tanks. Digital Aerlous drones perform visual inspections of oil and gas refineries quickly, reducing inspection costs. Learn more about using drones in the oil & gas industry.