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Digital Aerolus drones fly in indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces, so humans don’t have to. Our drones fly into keeping workers safe while saving companies money. According to a recent article in the Insurance Journal, more companies are using drones to reduce risks dramatically.

Using indoor drones can cut costs for companies while cutting risks and even saving lives. Chris Witte, manager of BASF’s facility in Freeport, Texas, explains why drones fly every day at the Freeport plant. 

In an interview with Insurance Journal,  Chris talks about BASF’s use of drones to keep workers off scaffolding and out of tanks:

“We look at these tasks and say, Is there a better way that we can do this without exposing the worker to risk? The answer is yes. We can send a drone in.”

It’s safer for drones to fly hundreds of feet in the air to inspect tanks and towers or to fly through underground tunnels.

Digital Aerolus UAVs

Digital Aerolus supports clients in the following industries: Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Energy, Public Safety, Mining, Media, and more. Our commercial and indoor drones allow organizations to increase productivity, boost actionable business data, and improve workforce safety.

Organizations utilize Digital Aerolus drones to inspect assets from a previously impossible perspective.

How To Use Aertos® Drones

Our drones are put into action in numerous ways, stably flying in areas other drones can’t including:

  • Inside mines and caves
  • Inside power plants and electrical substations
  • Under and inside bridges, tunnels, and subways
  • Inside nuclear plants and around nuclear radiation
  • Assisting first responders (SWAT, Fire, Police, Homeland Security)
  • Indoor video and still shoots for media
  • Into dangerous or unstable terrain
  • Inside Oil & Gas storage tanks and refineries

Digital Aerolus drones can fly indoors in confined spaces and give businesses an up-close look at what’s going on! Take a look at a Digital Aerolus Aertos 120 drone flying missions in a variety of different settings.