The Aertos 120-UVC disinfection drone is a new way to deliver UVC disinfection. The drone uses UVC energy to mitigate viruses and bacteria, by destroying their DNA.  Digital Aerolus partnered with Crystal IS – experts in the area of UVC disinfection – to create the 120-UVC drone. The Aertos 120-UVC drone utilizes Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs, manufactured by Crystal IS, designed for healthcare, consumer, and commercial water purification.

How the Aertos 120-UVC Disinfects

The Aertos 120-UVC kills viruses by destroying their DNA. UVC disinfection is a unique measure of disinfection that does what the other cleaning protocols cannot: UVC inactivates pathogens by damaging their DNA structure, so they cannot reproduce and, ultimately, spread throughout a room or surface.

Intense UVC Energy + Time = Effective Disinfection

Successful surface disinfection using UVC LEDs depends on the distance of the disinfection source (such as the Aertos® drone) and UVC LED light intensity.

Every drone disinfection situation is unique. The team at Digital Aerolus works with the engineers at Crystal IS to determine the correct UVC “dose” for effective disinfection. Klaran’s Application Engineers have access to light extraction tools, calculators, and a wealth of experience that help businesses determine the exact disinfection timing.

Aertos 120-UVC Disinfection Examples

Each disinfection situation is unique. Contact us to find out how the Aertos 120-UVC can integrate into your business disinfection program.