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Growth of UAVs in Mining

By February 19, 2020October 5th, 2020No Comments

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the mining industry has grown significantly over the last two years. Since the mining industry is so asset-intensive, drones/UAVs assist with data collection and inspections and improve worker safety. Besides, traditional methods for managing assets and surveying blast sites can be very inefficient and time-intensive.

Drones allow mining companies to increase efficiencies in many business practices that save time, save money, and ultimately lead to higher performance.

The growing use of industrial drone technology has enhanced several mining activities. According to a report from GlobalData, the use of drones in mining is trending up. GlobalData’s report, ‘Drones in Mining – Thematic Research,’ reveals how drone technology is affecting the global metals and mining industry. Here’s a preview of some of the information in the report:

“Mining is among the most unsafe industries for workers, especially those performing deep underground activities. Workers can be subjected to hazards such as rock falls, extremely humid conditions, gas leaks, dust explosions, and floods. Therefore, mining companies have used drones in underground mines to monitor and inspect deep shafts. Also, drones are used to inspect mining equipment, which is an expensive and time-consuming process, requiring a highly-skilled workforce. Moreover, the quality of data collected manually may be affected by the brief time allotted to inspection.”

Aertos Drones

Digital Aerolus Aertos drones increase productivity and safety in underground environments. Our drones incorporate technology and mathematics similar to those used in deep space navigation. Aertos drones are built and designed using revolutionary industrial science, allowing for stable flight in areas that don’t allow GPS navigation. Our drones’ ability to fly in indoor and confined spaces is a breakthrough, especially in the mining business.

Here are a few of the ways our Aertos UAVs support mining:

Accessing Impacts

Aertos drones can access the impacts of recently mined blasts. Newly excavated blasts can be inspected while the drone operator gathers data above ground safely.

Non-Maintained, Unfit Drifts
Our drones’ ability to determine degradation or other changing ground conditions can be invaluable to mining companies

Inspect Assets in Unstable Areas
Aertos drones’ ability to inspect in potentially unstable areas is an enormous benefit to mining companies. Our drones quickly inspect areas where roof conditions have become unsettled or where sliding scale in shafts makes manual inspection unsafe.

Improved Safety
Drones offer many safety benefits to the mining industry. There is risk in certain areas around a mining site when works must climb, survey, and measure stockpiles are incredibly risky, not to mention physically challenging. Sharing the operating space with heavy machinery creates additional risks.