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Aertos 120™ Inspects Roof Drains – 1/19

Early in January 2019, the Digital Aerolus team took the Aertos™ 120 drone into a Missouri power plant. The Aertos completed several successful missions, including a sustained stable flight in a GPS-denied indoor space to image corroding roof drainage pipes.

Thanks to Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight Code and a rugged airframe, the Aertos™ 120 flew safely and stably in this challenging indoor environment. The onboard gimbal-mounted Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 located leaking pipes near the ceiling in an otherwise inaccessible location. Another mission success!!

Drone Explores a Flooded Storage Site – 3/19

After the recent Great Midwest Bomb Cyclone, the DA team packed up an Aertos 120 and drove to inspect a flooded construction storage yard near St. Joseph.

In this video, Jenna flies the Aertos drone on a high-risk mission over the river and through a storage trailer near Interstate 29. Images: 2 Garmin VIRB Ultra 30s; onboard payload w/ operator-controlled gimbal; one mounted on a tripod. Mission date = 3/29/19.

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Aertos 120™ Explores Power Plant Pipes – 12/18

The Aertos™ 120 drone inspects the pipe and tank array at a Midwest power generating plant, completing a sustained stable flight in a space dense with competing electrical signals and without access to GPS.

Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight Code helps the Aertos™ 120 to fly safely and stably in this challenging indoor environment. This 6 minute video stream uses 3 cameras: an onboard Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 w/ operator-controlled gimbal, an onboard Foxeer Predator FPV, and a handheld Samsung Galaxy.

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Navigating a Coal Bunker – 1/19

Despite the challenges of a confined space, narrow access, and absence of GPS signals, the Aertos™ 120 successfully navigates a coal bunker/silo in a Midwest power plant  to deliver imagery of walls and vents that haven’t been inspected in a decade.

A rugged airframe and proprietary Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight Code enable the UAV to achieve sustained stable flight in this tight vertical spaces. The quad ducted fans protect the prop blades and allow the vehicle to navigate obstacles and survive wall collisions. The VIRB camera payload delivered close high-resolution imagery.

Payload: Foxeer Predator Micro FPV; Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 w/ operator-controlled gimbal.

Imaging a Coal Fired Ash Boiler – 1/19

In January 2019, the DA team inserted the Aertos™ 120 into a decommissioned coal fired ash boiler in a power plant to inspect the vents & burners, and to look for concrete spalling.

The drone completed a sustained stable flight in a tight vertical space, thanks to its rugged airframe and Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight Code. The innovative ducted fan design enabled the Aertos™  to fly predictably in this highly-challenging indoor environment. The VIRB camera payload delivered close high-resolution imagery of the targets.

Imaging: onboard Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 w/ operator-controlled gimbal.

The Aertos 120™ drone conducts a multi-story ascending mission while navigating a power generating plant. Stable sustained flight with a hand-catch landing. Single-camera view from a handheld Samsung Galaxy.

The Aertos 120™ drone navigates a narrow elevated catwalk in a power generating plant. 3-camera view: onboard Foxeer Predator FPV; onboard Garmin VIRB Ultra 30; handheld Samsung Galaxy.

Aertos 120™ Navigates a Tricky Obstacle Course

Piloted from a distance using long-range telemetry and camera point-of-view, the Aertos 120™ easily navigates a simulated disaster area inside a metal structure.

Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight code helps the vehicle to fly safely and stably  in challenging indoor environments without reference to GPS or other positioning signals, and the gimbal-mounted camera offers the pilot a broad perspective of the aircraft’s environment. Emergency responders and public safety officers can deploy the Aertos 120™ to explore risky target areas and reliably control the UAV from the safety of a remote location.

Peering Into Sauron’s Eye in a Power Facility

An Aertos 120 drone flies a mission in a functioning power facility in Missouri, navigating the Darth Vader Catwalk before dropping a story and peering into the Eye of Sauron – the portal of a natural gas burner.

Aertos drones navigate indoors, in the dark, and in GPS denied environments thanks to the Digital Aerolus Mind of Motion Framework (MMF) and FGC Folded Geometry (FGC) flight code. Rugged carbon fiber construction and ducted fan design enable the UAV to survive collisions and successfully navigate harsh environments without LIDAR, optical flow, ultrasound, or other sensors.

Inspecting a High-Risk Bridge Infrastructure

The Aertos 120™ drone conducts an infrastructure inspection underneath a bridge in Kansas.

In a challenging location where GPS signals are unreliable and passing traffic creates unpredictable wind vortexes, the Aertos™ flies stably. Its gimbal-mounted camera provides telemetry in all directions, giving inspectors the ability to efficiently look around and between beams for structural issues, to bump objects without fear of damage to the unit, and to plan preventative maintenance from the safety of the ground.

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