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by Jacob Davisson, Head of Engineering

Despite the madness that the year 2020 has levied on the world, the team at Digital Aerolus continues to work overtime to solve the incredible challenges in the world of indoor and GPS-denied drone flight.

Welcome to the initial post to my weekly drone blog — First Things First. I’m Jacob Davisson, Head of Engineering at Digital Aerolus. In the coming weeks, I look forward to illustrating the approach we employ daily to solve the problems associated with flying in the most challenging, GPS-denied environments.

I’ve decided on titling the blog “First Things First” because we tackle every problem before us with a first principles approach. This approach, which continues to serve us well, is one in which the most complicated problems are ground down into their most basic elements. Then the overall solution is built up by solving each of these basic elements. We keep the end user experience in mind throughout the design process, and while a first principles design approach often takes more time to get right, we know that the extra time is well-spent given the incredible results.

A recent addition to the Digital Aerolus product line, the Aertos 130IR, is having the final touches applied as I write this. From the initial concept for this drone, through to these finishing touches, we have kept your flight challenges and user experience in mind — and we know you’ll be glad that we took our time to get it done right.

I am looking forward to discussing our interesting and unique problem-solving approach here with you. Future topics for this blog will include subjects ranging from our creative use of mathematics, organization of sensor data, thrust improvements in ducted-blade design, and our brand-new pilot controller system! Discussion of these topics will include interviews with the members of our team who contribute to solving our problems, which we hope will illustrate our collaborative, first principles, problem-solving culture in the process.

In the interest of full transparency, I do want to address one final point in this introductory blog. We’re as eager for the 130IR to take flight as you are – maybe even more so! But our absolute commitment to the highest-quality result means we’ll continue refining the 130IR prior to putting the controller in your hands. Understand that we want to both exceed your expectations and deliver a product that we are proud to say is Made In America. You, our valued customer, were on our minds throughout the entire design process.

And we believe that once you get the Aertos 130IR up in the air, it will blow you away.