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Aertos™ drones from Digital Aerolus produce predictable, stable flight in indoor and GPS-compromised environments. They are optimal for inspecting buildings, bridges, tanks, and around infrastructure, for increasing efficiencies and assurance in warehouse inventory operations, and for providing immediate intelligence about high-risk security threats.

Our financing program for Aertos™ drones with Allegiant Partners Equipment Financing provides easy, comprehensive financing for your custom UAV needs. If you are interested in financing, please complete AP’s application form. The form will ask you where you are, what markets you serve (like public safety, industrial inspections, mapping, mining, or infrastructure surveys), and for other information.


Financing Program

Finance Aertos™ drone products for your enterprise or organization. Complete Allegiant’s Equipment Financing form, or call us for more information.

Digital Aerolus Drones Deliver Six Key Features

Rapid Deployment

Digital Aerolus drones deploy rapidly, with minimal warm-up time and no need to acquire a GPS or Wi-Fi signal. Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC™) enables Digital Aerolus drones to interpret how users handle and throw them in order to perform a sequence of desired behaviors.

Artificial Intelligence

Combining the proprietary Folded Geometry flight code (FGC™) with the Behavioral Language & Environment (DABLE™) will enable Digital Aerolus drones to exhibit Artificial Intelligence (AI) characteristics, and to independently perform pre-programmed tasks in real time.

Stable Flight (Non-GPS)

Digital Aerolus drones greatly increase the scope of commercial uses through Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC™) and other proprietary software that enable stable flight and hovering in a variety of challenging environments, even inside buildings and other places where GPS signals are compromised or blocked.

Drone Simulation Environment

The Digital Aerolus custom UAS simulation environment for flight control software/real-time operating system allows us to virtually develop task-oriented AI behaviors specified by our users.

Protected Blades

Many Digital Aerolus drones feature ducts, which significantly increase flight stability while reducing risk. Enclosing or protecting whirling blades significantly lowers the chances of injury to humans, the aircraft, or to other assets during contact with the unit, and enables the aircraft to fly in proximity to obstacles and obstructions.

Internal/External Telemetry

Digital Aerolus developed its Tangle™ Telemetry System to dynamically manage the aircraft’s internal and external telemetry links for robust handling of flight and sensor data.