The DA team invaded the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas this week.

Assorted team members – management, marketing, sales, tech – arrived on Monday 10/1 to quickly organize our presentation before the networking Happy Hour reception started at 5PM. Activities included assembling the show booth and fly tent, & a quick Uber trip to Best Buy to purchase another Samsung flat screen.

We were surprised: our booth happened to be located directly on the path that led into the Happy Hour event. On their way to/from the reception room, lots of Expo attendees stopped to talk to us about the rapid deploy GPS-denied UAVs in the Digital Aerolus booth and fly space.

On Tuesday and again on Wednesday, we spoke with a stream of customers and clients attracted by the noise and lights the Aertos 120™ industrial inspection drone was making inside our indoor test flight tent. Engineer & pilot Chris Aguayo demonstrated the advanced capabilities of the Aertos™ drone, including its ability to survive collisions and to hover stably with the pilot’s hand off the controls.

Customers seemed most interested in these advanced features of the Aertos™ drones:

* Flying indoors without GPS in a space dense with competing radio frequencies
* The drone’s rugged construction allowed it to survive collisions with a hand or an object
* We demonstrated hands-off stability and hovering in a confined space
* We launched from slanted and irregular surfaces
* The AT 120’s protected blades inside ducted fans allowed Chris to safely catch-terminate the flights


The team stayed constantly busy talking to potential clients and customers, industry contacts, partners, and new friends. Industry contacts introduced promising discussions into a variety of markets and use cases, including mining operations, power grids, airport and power plant inspections, as well as proposals to mount special-case cameras or other hardware on our platform.

The show close late Wednesday afternoon was chaotic – many exhibitors were competing for the same scarce resources like rolling carts and access to the FedEx station to arrange to ship equipment home. But overall, Commercial UAV Expo 2018 was a success. Thanks for reading!


Rod Underdown explains the advantages of FGC Flight code to a potential drone customer

CEO Jeff Alholm takes a short booth break to talk with Rod Underdown and Jameson Huckaba.


[Of course, checking the NFL Monday Night Football score of the Kansas City/Denver game was critical – we wanted to know how the undefeated Chiefs were doing! Some us eventually managed to watch part of the end of that game. Go Chiefs!]

We caught part of the Chiefs/Broncos game on the ginormous multi-screen Sports Bar at the Westgate,