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Energy facilities can be complex mixes of old and new technologies and infrastructure, and organizations in the industry are starting to use UAVs to provide the information and data their teams need to maintain these facilities.

Digital Aerolus drones including the Aertos 121™ can complete missions in areas dense with interfering signals and in locations where a typical drone cannot communicate with the GPS satellite array it relies on for stable flight. Rugged designs and the ability to navigate in GPS-denied environments make Aertos™ drones critical tools for teams tasked with missions like collecting photometric data in hard-to-reach places.

Aertos™ drones serve energy industries in applications like these:

  • Inspecting hydroelectric plants and towers
  • Assessing indoor facilities for steam leaks and pipe breaks
  • Surveying dams, causeways, and spillways
  • Monitoring ceilings and high areas for leaks
  • Maintaining stacks and towers

See an Aertos™ drone completing an inspection mission in an energy plant.

In these applications and more, Aertos™ drones deliver valuable information, predictable flights, and cost savings – and keep your team safe. Contact us for more information or to discuss how an Aertos™ drone can help your team.

rugged confined space drone for energy facility inspection and survey

indoor inspection drone with AI behaviors learn from pilot stick

UAV technology designed to complete missions in the energy industry


  • Dams and watercourses
  • Mines and shafts
  • Ventilation corridors & passageways
  • Indoors and inside GPS-denied facilities
  • Stacks and towers
  • Pipes, catwalks and tanks
  • …and more

Digital Aerolus Drones Deliver Six Key Features


Stable indoor and outdoor, even in GPS-challenged areas. Predictable flights indoors and out – even if the UAV strikes an object.

Safe ducted & protected-blade designs reduce risk and prevents injury to your workforce, and damage to nearby objects and even the UAV itself.


Simple to start, simple to launch. Deploy rapidly – from carrying case into your airspace in a matter of seconds.


High-resolution video telemetry and still images – with broad visual view both horizontal or vertical – even in darkness.


Rugged design and strong materials means that Digital Aerolus drones can handle your challenging day-to-day work environment.


Compact designs – the perfect tools for tight and confined spaces and places other drones can’t even imagine going.