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By Jacob Davisson, Head of Engineering

Last week I discussed the intrinsic stability of the Aertos™ family of UAV platforms, the advantages provided by our approach to designing a UAV with intrinsic stability via our Folded Geometry Framework™ (FGF™), and the cost and time benefits of deploying an Aertos™ in the field. In this week’s First Things First, I’d like to describe another design feature of the Aertos™, supported by FGF™ and Empathy Filtering™ — dynamics management.

The patented FGF™ is a tool that allows Aertos™ engineers to describe flight dynamics in a common, mathematically coherent language and universal frame of reference we call Theory of World™. By utilizing this language, and Theory of World™, the Aertos™ flight team can apply the physics of flight and control dynamics to the Aertos™ in significantly more exact ways. One example is how we can describe Moments of Inertia and the kinematics of motion so precisely that the platform can do seemingly impossible feats. These feats will make your UAV inspection deployments more enjoyable, efficient, less expensive, safe, and in many cases make challenging inspections possible.

Examples of these feats include but are not limited to:

  • Throw-launching the Aertos™: many companies have tried to perfect the ability to throw a UAV to launch and begin flight — some have even gone bankrupt attempting this;
  • “Feeling” the difference between wind/airflow, ceilings, walls, and people based on Empathy Filtering and physics alone;
  • Being able to safely catch the platform during landing, and the platform turning itself off as it senses the catch; 
  • Achieving Velocity Mode and position hold in the absence of GPS or other traditional external beacons or SLAM maps;
  • Stability where all others fail; or
  • Sensing the middle of a utility hole, sewer pipe, entry into a bridge deck, or any number of inspection paths that are challenging to enter.

Alan Kay once commented that “any technology advanced enough is indistinguishable from magic.” Join us in delivering magic to your inspection projects.