Public safety officers, including police officers, first responders, and firefighters, are recognizing the capabilities of indoor commercial drones to improve visibility, assess critical situations, and help save lives.

Many public safety teams already use aerial drones to gather real-time information. A growing number of police officers, first responders, firefighters, and security agencies recognize the capabilities of indoor aerial vehicles (UAVs) to improve mission outcomes and save lives.

Digital Aerolus Aertos® drones can be deployed indoors and in confined spaces to gather real-time information, allowing agencies to quickly make informed decisions and reduce risk to both responders and the public.

Indoor Drones for Public Safety

Many public safety teams integrate indoor drone technology, safety, and security professionals to see that indoor drone technology makes a significant difference. Drones help organizations in situations where visibility is limited, situational awareness is critical.

Aertos drones from Digital Areolus are the only commercial drones using AI technology and patented systems. Our drones incorporate technology and mathematics similar to those used in deep space navigation. Aertos drones are built and designed using revolutionary industrial science, allowing for stable flight into areas that don’t allow GPS navigation. Our drones’ ability for stable indoor and confined space flight is a breakthrough, especially when it comes to public safety — when seconds count. Here are a few ways Aertos indoor and enclosed space drones assist public safety teams:

Real-Time Data for First Responder Teams

Using Aertos indoor and confined space drones allows police and first responder teams to easily gather and utilize accurate information that enables them to make better decisions. The information that police officers receive about a given situation can be incredibly thin. People who call into dispatch are often traumatized or unable to provide accurate information. As a result, officers are entering situations where they have to assess the circumstances and act quickly, often simultaneously.

Real-Time Data at Crime Scenes

Aertos drones assist with crime scene investigations in multiple ways. Public safety agencies can deploy an Aertos drone to inspect a crime scene prior to sending in officers, to ensure a building is clear. Drone cameras can let officers know how many people are inside a building, as well as give the team detailed data about a crime scene.

Indoor drones allow officers to determine if reports of potentially dangerous suspects are accurate. Officers who have the correct information about a potentially volatile situation will treat it differently than a situation that still requires assessment.

Natural Disaster and Rescue

Because of Aertos drones’ superior technology, our UAVs can help public safety teams in ways other drones cannot. Our drones are able to fly into potentially dangerous small outdoor spaces, such as deep ravines, to search for survivors after a car accident or natural disaster. Aertos drones fly stably into dangerous situations daily.

Inspecting Buildings for Firefighters

Real-time imagery from inside a building provided by drones allows fire departments to move into specific locations quickly, helping them reach people and save more of the structure.

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial drones can help public safety agencies. Digital Aerolus drones assist police officers, first responders, and firefighters, and other public safety agencies by increasing situational awareness, assessing critical situations, and protecting the public.