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So What? The Digital Aerolus Difference

By August 1, 2019October 7th, 2020No Comments


So what makes Digital Aerolus drones unique? Our Aertos® drones stably fly into areas where other drones cannot go. Our drones stably fly in situations where it is impossible to get a GPS signal including:

  • Inside mines
  • Caves
  • Culverts
  • Grain elevators
  • Inside power plants and storage tanks
  • Under and inside bridges

Our drones fly next to tall walls and near metal, which is problematic for most commercial drones.

Another reason Digital Aerolus drones are different from all other commercial drones? Core members of our team have deep experience in aviation, aerospace engineering, and avionics — working on the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft.

The Digital Aerolus engineers designed the Aertos line of drones using these same principals of navigating and flying through space. Our entire platform is inherently stable without the use of external assists from sensors or GPS. Our team solved the problem of drone stability entirely by using mathematics with data from internally referenced sensors.

Digital Aerolus drones keep people safe

We’ve flown thousands of miles underground, inspected the most challenging bridges, and have explored tunnels not explored in years. Our Aertos drones keep people safe and save time for businesses.

Contact us to learn more about why our Aertos drones are the most powerful drones on the planet.