Pilots who fly the Aertos UAVs are passionate about its performance. Digital Aerolus creates commercial drones that are unique in the UAV market.

Customers and users of Aertos® drones offer these comments and video testimonials:

“The Aertos line is a big time differentiator because we can fly inside the structure…which to date is impossible with anything else. We are able to fly inside the bridge (in a) completely GPS-denied environment…”

Nick Ray
UAS Bridge Inspection Lead, ARE

Bridge Inspection with Aertos Drone

Aertos 120 UAV Inspects a River Bridge from DigitalAerolus on Vimeo.


“…our team had to face dangerous, treacherous locations regularly. The technology of Digital Aerolus drones…allowed us to investigate places the team could not have safely explored on their own. I’ve been working with drones since they first became commercially available. I’ve never seen one do what these drones can do.”

Pete Ritchie
Executive Producer – Railsplitter Pictures


“Its ability to fly in GPS-denied environments is incredible. (Where we fly) no other drone from any other manufacturer would be able to survive without crashing…”

Will Rasid
Lead UAS Pilot, ARE

“…it’s unlike any other drone on the market. We are confident in this drone’s unique ability to overperform in industrial settings, go into tight spaces, capture data in a fraction of the time and…inform the decision-making process. Simply put, you can save lives, time, and money…”

Thomas Tapp

Aertos Drone Overview by AKDRONE

Thomas Tapp Discusses Aertos 120 UAVs from DigitalAerolus on YouTube.

Aertos UAVs from Digital Aerolus are the first autonomous commercial drones, made for tough jobs in the harshest conditions. But don’t take our word for it, read and listen to what UAV pilots say about the Aertos UAVs.

Pilots who fly the Aertos UAVs are passionate about the performance.


Space Inspections

A bridge inspection shows how Aertos UAVs fly in a confined area underneath a bridge. Most commercial drones cannot stably fly in and under bridges.

Though some confined spaces might seem safe to work in, these spaces could hold life-threatening risks. Many conventional inspection methods for confined spaces expose the inspectors to significant hazards. These hazards vary from harmful gases and substances to poor visibility and communication. A confined space has a limited entrance, preventing access.

Working in these conditions will also restrict the inspectors’ movements and ease of handling the testing equipment. Confined space inspections require more investments in comparison with open spaces, including special abilities, work processes, equipment, and safety measures. Each one of these ends up adding to the expense of the inspection.

Workers can use Aertos drones to execute the preliminary examinations at lower risks, lower costs, and with minimum shutdowns.

Steady and Stable


Steady and dependable flight in confined spaces is one of the reasons so many clients depend on Aertos UAVs.

Aertos 130IR UAV

Learn more about the Aertos 130IR, the first autonomous UAV for industrial inspections.
Aertos 130IR

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