Advanced UAV For Confined Spaces

Digital Aerolus creates the most advanced industrial drones in the marketplace. We design and build drones to explore indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces.

We made our Aertos line of confined space drones using revolutionary systems and applying technologies and mathematics similar to those used in deep space navigation.

Fly Where Others Can’t

Our drones stably fly into areas others can’t. Aertos autonomous drones fly into inaccessible and confined areas. Our drones have no issues flying over water or near metal — which is an issue for many commercial drones.

Made in United States

The Aertos line of drones is designed and built in the U.S. using unparalleled technology by engineers with backgrounds in aviation, AI, avionics, and other advanced technologies.

Groundbreaking Technology

Aertos inspection drones use AI technologies not found in other industrial drones. That’s because Digital Aerolus is more than a drone company; we’re an autonomous technology company with many patents covering our inventions. Digital Aerolus has developed breakthrough flight software, enabling users to navigate our drones in confined spaces and areas without GPS.

Aertos UAVs are

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Folded Geometry Framework™ and AI

We invented and constructed our industrial drones with advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence technologies. Our proprietary Folded Geometry Framework™ flight code makes our drones internally referential. Because of our ground-breaking technology, our drones fly stably without requiring external GPS.

Rugged and Robust

The Aertos family of drones is robustly fabricated by hand with carbon fiber, allowing them to safely and efficiently inspect some of the most dangerous places on earth. Our platform, including our FGC™ software, is designed for collision and the turbulent world of our customers’ applications.

TouchandGo™ Technology

All Aertos drones utilize our proprietary TouchandGo™ technology, which allows the drone to perform up-close inspections without crashing.

Stable Flight Without GPS or External Sensors

Our proprietary FGF™ allows our drones to fly reliably in areas where GPS is not available. We designed and built the Aertos UAV to operate stably in areas where GPS reception is not useful or entirely impossible. Magnetic fields are distorted, like near metal or re-bar concrete.

Ducted Fan Design

Digital Aerolus drones feature a ducted fan design, contributing to a safer environment for drone pilots and inspectors. The ducted fan design also increases the flight time of the drone.

Confined Space Drones

Flying stably in confined spaces can be extremely challenging, even impossible for most commercial drones. Our drones are designed for stable flight indoors and outdoors, even in GPS-challenged areas for predictable flights indoors and out.

Bridge Inspection

Digital Aerolus drones were developed to inspect and explore indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces. The video below of a recent inspection shows one of our drones flying within the enclosed area underneath a bridge. Most commercial drones cannot stably fly in and under bridges.

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