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TikTok: it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue – literally. And for good reason. If you’ve been living under a rock, there are significant data security concerns, including those of importance to National Security, surrounding the Chinese-based technology company. This extends to other companies based in mainland China such as drone maker DJI. Oversight of these companies by the Chinese Government combined with its voracious, unethical appetite for consumer data is well documented. This represents a very real security risk that needs to be carefully considered.

Sony. Adobe. Equifax. Heartland Payment Systems. We know these names because they represent the largest data security breaches in history, impacting hundreds of millions of people. This article by NPR shows a limited view of the damage done when consumer data is stolen; Imagine for a moment the extensive damage that could be done if our personal data was freely given to malicious foreign entities. With over two billion downloads, The security concerns around TikTok are very real.

The stakes grow even greater, especially from a National Security perspective when data is actively being created and captured with popular devices such as the DJI Mavic UAS. These widely-available drones are used in everything from real estate and wedding photography to inspecting critical infrastructures, such as bridges and powerplants. As shown in this recent article by the New York Times, DJI has a well-documented practice of playing fast and loose with the data that its devices collect.

As these security threats have been realized, many United States Government entities have restricted the use of drones produced in China. American drone manufacturers such as Digital Aerolus and Skydio have stepped in to preserve the utility and benefits that drones can provide while ensuring that all critical components that can transfer data are produced and assembled in the United States.

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Source: Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash