Closing Day at the Xponential Trade Show – #3

Closing Day at the Xponential Trade Show – #3

The DA team had a spectacular Closing Day at Xponential today.

[By the way: that’s the Bell Nexus eVTOL air taxi in the photo above. The Nexus air car design features Bernoulli ducted fan propulsion similar to the technology in DA’s Aertos™ UAVs. Cool, huh?]

Trade Show Thursdays are often low traffic: most attendees with Visitor Badges take advantage of the energy of Tuesday and Wednesday to walk the aisles & explore the booths, experience the Exhibitor demos, collect product information brochures and bags of swag, and shake hands on new friendships. Then, on Thursday, many manufacturers and exhibitors get their own chance to walk the aisles with fewer visitors around, & to stop by booths to ask serious questions and maybe even forge a deal or two.

Thursday traffc in the Xpnential trade show

Thursday traffic in the Xponential trade show aisles seemed kind of light — except at the DA booth which attracted lots of attention…

The Digital Aerolus booth was over-the-top busy with traffic today. Many of our competitors’ displays seemed to be a little quiet, but we saw a steady flow of interested people that wanted to make sure that the startling capabilities of Aertos™ drones to navigate in challenging indoor spaces that defeat our competitors fit into their plans.

DA Aeronautics Engineer Nash Reimer said: “Lots of cool stuff happened today. Just as an example, we had at least one offer for an immediate deal, and we found a supplier that will help us make sure our customers have the best possible experience when we deliver a packaged inspection drone system and they unpack or transport it. We want to do everything we can to make sure we treat our customers with exceptional care.”

We packed the display booth back into the vans in record time so we could get on the road back to Kansas ASAP. The flight team demonstrates the Aertos™ drones tomorrow for a major law enforcement entity – and we also have another promising flight demo with a power company.

Xponential 2019 in Chicago was fantastic. See you next time!

all about Aertos drones

Not many visitors to some of the Xponential Expo booths – – but lots of visitors crowded around the Digital Aerolus booth wanting to know more about Aertos™ drones.


Another Productive Day at the Xponential Trade Show – #2

Another Productive Day at the Xponential Trade Show – #2

Today’s Xponential drone Expo experience was  literally off the hook as well as over the proverbial top.

Trade shows often deliver landslides of information that are more than most minds can manage. We spent the day meeting with customers and friends, researching sensors and technologies, setting up new flight demos and proposals – – and trying to keep all our contacts and promises straight. Several new customers couldn’t have been more eager to see the Aertos™ drones in action in their use case in the field.

A common question was “How does your hardware do what we are watching it do?” While we prefer to protect the deepest levels of explanation about our proprietary methods and keep that layer to ourselves, it’s always challenging fun to sense what a potential customer wants, figure out what specific use case he wants to solve, and propose real Aertos-based UAV solutions that don’t require GPS or a complex suite of supporting sensors like optical flow or LiDAR.


It’s still raining in Chicago — we haven”t seen the sun all week. It’s kind of ironic that although we’re at a drone show there’s not a UAV in the air within miles – – because the weather’s poor. Stay tuned for more!

Digital Aerolus CEO Jeff Alholm and Master Pilot Jenna Squires explain the multi-dimensional algebra of DA’s Mind of Motion framework to a potential client at the UAVSA Xponential drone Expo in Chicago.


Xponential Trade Show Report #1

Xponential Trade Show Report #1

The DA team’s at the Xponential Expo in Chicago – exhibiting and demonstrating our GPS-denied indoor drone technology to attendees and customers at the show.

Day 1 was an avalanche of Busy, with many fruitful conversations, requests to set up flight demos, and even an invite to a field location in Chicago where we’ll conduct a private demonstration today for a client who seemes to understand the capabilities of the Aertos drone and its promise to transform how the world sees indoor drone flight.

Aertos drone Expo booth

The Aertos booth gathering interest from show attendees who want to know more about DS’s indoor no-GPS flight technology

DA Project Coordinator Jay Manifold said: “Shows like this one are an opportunity to identify new markets and make new friends. As examples, we spoke at length to research & development labs and cinematographers interested in our stable drones for moviemaking. And, of course, we saw the expected high interest in our warehousing, mining, and energy sector markets.”

We’re in rainy Chicago through Thursday afternoon. Stay tuned for more!!


Here’s the Bell Nexus air taxi – which deploys ducted Bernoulli fan technology similar to the DA Aertos drones. Great minds, etc. etc.


DA Team Set To Invade AUVSI – 4/30 thru 5/2

DA Team Set To Invade AUVSI – 4/30 thru 5/2

Look for the Digital Aerolus team at Booth 2803 at the world-renowned AUVSI Xponential 2019 – from Monday 4/29 thru Thursday 5/2 at McCormick Place in Chicago. We’ll be on hand to show the world the latest design features and newest iterations of flight code that have even further enhanced the stability and flyability of our Aertos™ industrial drones.

Since we introduced the Aertos drones and their industry-awakening capability to navigate stably in the absence of GPS satellite signals without deploying ultrasound, LIDAR, or optical flow, our customers across the industries we serve have taken notice. Aertos™ UAVs from Digital Aerolus are now serving organizations in industrial inspection, mining, public safety, and other important industries.

Rugged Aertos drones deploy protected blades, a Bernoulli ducted fan design and our proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code™ – technology we believe will revolutionize how vehicles from drones to subs, cars, and planes navigate complicated environments. These and other Digital Aerolus innovations equip Aertos™ drones to complete flight missions indoors and in challenging environments that defeat other drones that can only fly stably when GPS signals are present.

Drop by Booth 2803 and say Hello. See you there!!


Drone Show Report – Comm UAV Expo 2018

Drone Show Report – Comm UAV Expo 2018

The DA team invaded the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas this week.

Assorted team members – management, marketing, sales, tech – arrived on Monday 10/1 to quickly organize our presentation before the networking Happy Hour reception started at 5PM. Activities included assembling the show booth and fly tent, & a quick Uber trip to Best Buy to purchase another Samsung flat screen.

We were surprised: our booth happened to be located directly on the path that led into the Happy Hour event. On their way to/from the reception room, lots of Expo attendees stopped to talk to us about the rapid deploy GPS-denied UAVs in the Digital Aerolus booth and fly space.

On Tuesday and again on Wednesday, we spoke with a stream of customers and clients attracted by the noise and lights the Aertos 120™ industrial inspection drone was making inside our indoor test flight tent. Engineer & pilot Chris Aguayo demonstrated the advanced capabilities of the Aertos™ drone, including its ability to survive collisions and to hover stably with the pilot’s hand off the controls.

Customers seemed most interested in these advanced features of the Aertos™:

* Flying indoors without GPS in a space dense with competing radio frequencies
* The drone’s rugged construction allowed it to survive collisions with a hand or an object
* We demonstrated hands-off stability and hovering in a confined space
* We launched from slanted and irregular surfaces
* The AT 120’s protected blades inside ducted fans allowed Chris to safely catch-terminate the flights


The team stayed constantly busy talking to potential clients and customers, industry contacts, partners, and new friends. Industry contacts introduced promising discussions into a variety of markets and use cases, including mining operations, power grids, airport and power plant inspections, as well as proposals to mount special-case cameras or other hardware on our platform.

The show close late Wednesday afternoon was chaotic – many exhibitors were competing for the same scarce resources like rolling carts and access to the FedEx station to arrange to ship equipment home. But overall, Commercial UAV Expo 2018 was a success. Thanks for reading!


Rod Underdown explains the advantages of FGC Flight code to a potential drone customer

CEO Jeff Alholm takes a short booth break to talk with Rod Underdown and Jameson Huckaba.


[Of course, checking the NFL Monday Night Football score of the Kansas City/Denver game was critical – we wanted to know how the undefeated Chiefs were doing! Some us eventually managed to watch part of the end of that game. Go Chiefs!]

We caught part of the Chiefs/Broncos game on the ginormous multi-screen Sports Bar at the Westgate,

Aertos Drones to Showcase at Commercial UAV Expo

Aertos Drones to Showcase at Commercial UAV Expo

Digital Aerolus is excited to attend the Commercial UAV Expo 2018 on October 1-3 in Las Vegas.

Commercial UAV Expo is one of the largest drone conferences of its kind, targeting professionals in civil infrastructure, power and energy, construction, law enforcement/emergency response, mining, and many other markets and disciplines.

We’ve arranged an indoor fly space next to our booth where the Digital Aerolus team will demonstrate our drone technologies and the vehicles in the Aertos™ UAV family. Thanks to the proprietary mathematics of Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight code, Digital Aerolus drones fly predictably and stably in indoor spaces and in other challenging spaces where GPS signals are unreliable or unavailable.

Come by and see us at Booth #1508. Or, we’ll be posting updates and pics here on our Latest News blog page.

Aertos Drones to Invade InterDrone Trade Show in Las Vegas

Aertos Drones to Invade InterDrone Trade Show in Las Vegas

Digital Aerolus is excited to attend InterDrone, the International Drone Conference and Exposition –  September 5-7, 2018, in Las Vegas.

We’ll connect with professionals in the industry – pilots, service providers, UAS engineers, drone developers and manufacturers, and enterprise UAV end-users. InterDrone is the largest exclusively-commercial drone show.

The Digital Aerolus team will be manning our show booth alongside more than 160 drone manufacturers, sellers and solution providers. We’ll show off our drone technologies and all the vehicles in the Aertos™ family.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas at InterDrone, come by and see us. Or, stay tuned for updates on this Latest News page.

In case you missed InterDrone 2017, here’s some highlights…


Sterling Experience at AUVSI Drone Show

Sterling Experience at AUVSI Drone Show

Some Digital Aerolus team members attended the AUVSI Xponential 2018 show in Denver. Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, and growing relationships and friendships were the order of the week.

Team members in front of the show booth

(L-R: Nash; Jim; Dennis; Rod)

At the AUVSI show, we saw an overwhelming response to our family of drones that fly in GPS-denied environments. We presented a new line of products tailored for the Public Safety and Warehousing market sectors – products that extend the design innovations of our flagship Aertos 120™ inspection drone.

For example, we announced an open-bladed design that incorporates the company’s FGC™ flight code software for stable flight in GPS-compromised areas. Open-blade designs may be a good choice for flying in areas where the risk of collision with obstacles is low, and this approach can allow for larger propellers and extended per-battery flight times.

Thanks to our customers and new friends for your continuing interest in Digital Aerolus. Exciting times are certainly ahead as the market and the array of applications for UAV technology grows. See you at the next trade show!


Digital Aerolus To Attend 2018 AUVSI Show

Digital Aerolus To Attend 2018 AUVSI Show

The Digital Aerolus team to announce new products at Denver Trade Show

The Digital Aerolus team will attend the AUVSI Xponential “All things Unmanned” Show in Denver on May 1-3, 2018.

The team plans to announce 3 specialty products for the inspection drone market:

  • the Aertos 121
  • the Aertos 200
  • the Aertos 300

These products compliment the Aertos 120 to provide a complete family of products to meet a variety of needs.

Read more about the AUVSI show at the UAVSI website.

From the site: “AUVSI represents the views of the unmanned systems and robotics community to government officials, regulators, media and the public. On behalf of our membership we are committed to shaping global policy by advocating on behalf of the unmanned systems and robotics community, monitoring legislation and assessing the global impact of the industry to ensure that obstacles to advancing and fielding these technologies are removed. We represent the industry in congressional hearings, participate in coalitions and rulemaking committees, and collaborate with various trade associations and stakeholders to serve and achieve the interests of our industry.”