Groundbreaking Autonomy Approach

We built our autonomous system from the ground up, integrating it with our patent-protected technology rooted in geometry.

More Human Than Machine

Our autonomous system is built more like the human brain instead of a machine. Our automous technology is ground-breaking because it allows moving vehicles to not only assess risks but to then predictand solve navigational problems like a human being.

Mathematics of Autonomy

We developed and patented new mathematics for autonomy. Our approach embraces geometry as the natural language of motion and autonomy. We have created the new “calculus” of geometric motion, autonomy, and AI at a very fundamental level.

Our Autonomous
Technology Explained

Many autonomous systems developed today are built to make decisions using neural network techniques. Our autonomous system combined with our patented technology incorporates intelligent, human-like behaviors into mobility.

Different Approach To Autonomy

Digital Aerolus’ autonomy framework is ground-breaking because it allows moving vehicles to not only assess risks, but to predict and solve navigational problems like a human being.

Combines AI and Multi-Dimensional Math

The Digital Aerolus system of autonomy combines artificial intelligence with multi-dimensional mathematics, creating a breakthrough in autonomous mobility. The autonomous operating system allows vehicles to operate fully independent of traditional navigational aids such as GPS, VOP, LORAN, magnetic bearings, optical flow, or similar external navigational aids.

Proven Success

Digital Aerolus currently has 18 patents (granted or in-process) surrounding autonomous technology. We’ve demonstrated the capabilities of our autonomous technologies using UAVs. Digital Aerolus’ autonomous system and supporting AI technologies allow the Aertos industrial drones to fly stably indoors by utilizing only internally referential sensors.

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