Digital Aerolus designs and develops autonomous technology for any vehicle that flies, drives, dives, or swims. Our company’s autonomous operating system is called the Mind of Motion framework. This system combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with multi-dimensional mathematics, creating a breakthrough in autonomous mobility.

Our autonomous operating system allows vehicles to operate fully independent of traditional navigational aids such as GPS, VOP, LORAN, magnetic bearings, optical flow, or similar external navigational aids.

Our company currently has 18 patents (granted or in-process) surrounding our autonomous technology.

Our autonomous technology focuses on:

  • Overcoming flaws in existing technologies with advanced control systems
  • Supporting Behavioral languages and environment
  • Integrating vision with vehicle movement
  • Providing a suite of protected intellectual properties
  • Developing customer-specific behaviors applicable across vehicle platforms

Digital Aerolus’ first commercial product is a line of industrial inspection UAVs for indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces – the Aertos® UAV.

Aertos® UAV

The Aertos UAVs utilize our breakthrough technology to fly in GPS-denied environments, as well as to fly indoors and to go into inaccessible, and confined spaces. The Aertos line of commercial drones can go where other commercial drones can’t go.

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