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Digital Aerolus will be at the Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition’s annual summit in Houston, TX from October 25 to October 27. We are looking forward to talking about the future of drones in energy and utilities, please come and see us at Booth 213. We’ll be sharing more about the Aertos 130IR autonomous drone and the latest drone innovation for energy and utility applications.

Digital Aerolus and Seikowave introduced new 3D scanning products in September 2021, allowing inspectors to gather data and find industrial defects at a sub-millimeter and micron-level precision. The new products feature Seikowave proprietary sensor technologies and Digital Aerolus proprietary technology and platforms. Digital Aerolus co-founder and CEO Jeff Alholm said, “Our new products developed for the Aertos commercial UAVwith Seikowave will change the game as far as industrial inspections. While some companies claim to offer 3D scanning capabilities, we have developed the first tool to offer true 3D scanning for industrial inspection at micron-level precision.”

CEO of Seikowave Technologies Matt Bellis weighed in the product collaboration with Digital Aerolus: “Working with Digital Aerolus and customers this last year, we have proven Digital Aerolus’ uniquely stable and autonomous platforms in concert with our technology can 3D scan while flying at 50-micron resolution. To detect cracks and other defects previously invisible to other sensors or the human eye. Our two new joint products with Digital Aerolus give our customers a tradeoff between high-speed and even higher resolution scans.”

Visit our new product press release to learn more.