Imaging a Power Plant Coal Bunker

Imaging a Power Plant Coal Bunker

You’ve probably done it.

You’ve probably had the chance to make a long 2-state day trip for the opportunity to demonstrate to a prospective client your problem-solving technology that accomplishes things your competitors cannot. You’ve made your plan, tested your hardware, assembled your team early in the morning, pounded across the Midwest prairie, met your client in his high-technology facility, told your story, pulled your unique leading-edge hardware out of its transportation case – – and then startled your client with an afternoon of successful drone imaging missions.

Or, maybe you haven’t.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what the DA field team did on Wednesday, January 6, 2019.

Well, it was a long and challenging day. There’s a zillion things that can go wrong in a long technical day. For example, the breakfast menu screen in your Big Chain highway-stop restaurant might get suddenly infected with some kind of Blue Screen Of Death that causes a delay in your waffle order.

But: despite a few minor obstacles, we were able to successfully accomplish our major objectives:

  • set up the Aertos drone to fly indoors in a complicated dusty space with narrow access opening, confined quarters, and no GPS
  • execute several sustained flight missions for our client
  • demonstrate in these real-world instances the unique capabilities of the Aertos drones, our FGC flight code technology, and the DA team.

So, take a look. Here’s some imagery we obtained flying in the interior of a decommissioned coal bunker:

This was not an easy flight. No one had been inside this structure in more than a decade, and concrete spalling and rusting beams presented some treacherous hazards. The risks were significant.

The Aertos drone flew like a champ and completed numerous missions, navigating predictably indoors and in a challenging environment without access to the GPS signals that the drones from our competition depend on.

We’ve worked on our technology for years – ever since realizing that what we learned while we grew our roots in space navigation could capably serve terrestrial drones. We intend to unlock the 50% of the world that up until now has not been accessible to commercial UAVs that can’t navigate stably without signals from earth-orbit satellites. We deploy Aertos UAVs with our proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code into mines, warehouses, and power plants, and around dense infrastructure that defeats other commercial inspection drones.

The team at the power plant was impressed — and they told us so. We hope Aertos drones will soon be flying lots of missions for this power company.

And, that’s a good day – even if the breakfast screen at Denny’s had a Blue Screen Of Death.

See more 1/9/19 mission videos on the Gallery page.



Aertos Drone Inspects A Power Plant in the Midwest

Aertos Drone Inspects A Power Plant in the Midwest

The flight team had an eventful weekend in early December.

We arranged with a major energy plant in the Midwest to fly an Aertos 120 inspection drone inside their facility – to look for the small steam leak we’d heard about. This facility provides energy to major facilities and metropolitan infrastructure.

The risks were significant: the plant would not shut down during the flight, and the Digital Aerolus team and the facility must trust in the technology that allows Aertos drones to navigate indoors and in challenging environments where signals from GPS satellites are not available.

The power generating facility is sturdy and timeworn: deliberate, overbuilt, and dense with looming tangles of pipe, brick, and steel. The twisted maze of tubes and passageways and the anachronistic Steampunk surroundings gave us the feeling we were exploring the past.

We believe in our technology; Digital Aerolus is unlocking the 50% of the world that up until now has not been accessible to exploration by commercial UAVs that don’t know how to navigate stably without signals from earth-orbit satellites. We’re deploying Aertos UAVs with proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code to fly indoor and underground missions – – in mines, warehouses, and power plants, and around dense instructure that defeats other commercial inspection drones.

In the 3-camera video stream below, the Aertos 120 drone conducts several slow passes inside the facility’s large room to complete a sustained 6+-min. flight mission examining pipes, tanks, and infrastructure.  The payload includes 2 onboard hi-res cams: a Foxeer Predator Micro FPV, and a gimbal-mounted Garmin VIRB Ultra 30.



This mission was a success. While we did not discover any steam leaks on this particular flight, we demonstrated the reliability of our technology and earned the respect and trust of the facility team. They’ve invited us to return and conduct deeper missions that will help the company. Stand by for more. Perfect!


Navigating a Drone in a Limestone Mine

Navigating a Drone in a Limestone Mine

It turns out that flying a drone underground isn’t that easy.

You’ve seen drones before: flying at the park, hoovering in your back yard, surveying real estate, for sale at the Discount Club, maybe at your kid’s birthday party. But, every one of those drones – machines that that cost anywhere from $10 through a few thou$and – shares something: they can’t fly stably without GPS signals from earth satellites. Some inexpensive drones do fly indoors, but they’re too small, erratic, and clumsy to carry a meaningful payload. The popular $1K-range consumer drones from Chinese companies fly well enough support a nice camera, but only outdoors — and after they take a few minutes to lock onto satellites with their GPS receivers.

So, what if you want to fly a drone indoors? Like, in a warehouse? Or, at a trade show? Or, underneath a highway bridge that’s dense with girders and steel that interfere with line-of-sight satellite signals?

Or… underground in a cave or mine?

Digital Aerolus is committed to developing the next generation of flying robots: drones and other vehicles that are smart enough to complete useful tasks with minimal input from operators. Today, we use advanced robotics, rugged construction, and our proprietary Folded Geometry Code (FGC)™ OS to build drones capable of flying indoors, underground, and in other challenging spaces.

Here’s why the Aertos 120™ inspection drone excels in a challenging underground environment like a mine:

  • innovative ducted fan propulsion protects spinning blades from contacting cave walls or the operator’s hand
  • rugged carbon fiber frame allows the drone to survive rocky collisions with no damage
  • high-math FGC™ operatng system does not require GPS for stable, predictable indoor and underground flight
  • gimballed camera with powerful illuminator defeats dark environments
  • rapid near-instant deployment allows simple and easy launch & land

In the video below, novice pilot Jenna Squires runs the Aertos 120™ through some of its paces in a limestone mine in Lenexa, KS.

We’re headed back to that mine soon – for a more challenging exploration of the cave. Stand by for more from the DA team!

[& yes, Dave P. I know that drones “hover” instead of “hoover”. Turn your guitar down so you can hear, my friend.]


Aertos Drones to Showcase at Commercial UAV Expo

Aertos Drones to Showcase at Commercial UAV Expo

Digital Aerolus is excited to attend the Commercial UAV Expo 2018 on October 1-3 in Las Vegas.

Commercial UAV Expo is one of the largest drone conferences of its kind, targeting professionals in civil infrastructure, power and energy, construction, law enforcement/emergency response, mining, and many other markets and disciplines.

We’ve arranged an indoor fly space next to our booth where the Digital Aerolus team will demonstrate our drone technologies and the vehicles in the Aertos™ UAV family. Thanks to the proprietary mathematics of Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight code, Digital Aerolus drones fly predictably and stably in indoor spaces and in other challenging spaces where GPS signals are unreliable or unavailable.

Come by and see us at Booth #1508. Or, we’ll be posting updates and pics here on our Latest News blog page.

Aertos Drones to Invade InterDrone Trade Show in Las Vegas

Aertos Drones to Invade InterDrone Trade Show in Las Vegas

Digital Aerolus is excited to attend InterDrone, the International Drone Conference and Exposition –  September 5-7, 2018, in Las Vegas.

We’ll connect with professionals in the industry – pilots, service providers, UAS engineers, drone developers and manufacturers, and enterprise UAV end-users. InterDrone is the largest exclusively-commercial drone show.

The Digital Aerolus team will be manning our show booth alongside more than 160 drone manufacturers, sellers and solution providers. We’ll show off our drone technologies and all the vehicles in the Aertos™ family.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas at InterDrone, come by and see us. Or, stay tuned for updates on this Latest News page.

In case you missed InterDrone 2017, here’s some highlights…


Digital Aerolus Announces Aertos 121™ Public Safety Drone

Digital Aerolus Announces Aertos 121™ Public Safety Drone

Recently, the marketing team at Digital Aerolus formally announced the Aertos 121™ drone for public safety markets.

Like all Aertos model UAVs, the design and technology of the Aertos 121™ are extensions of the company’s flagship Aertos 120™ drone. The new Aertos model deploys an onboard flexible FPV camera with a powerful illuminator, and incorporates FGC™ flight code for remarkable maneuverability and stability in confined spaces where GPS positioning signals may be weak or absent. First response teams and emergency crews will find the rapid-deploy Aertos 121™ an invaluable tool that will help save time and lives in critical field situations when every second counts.

We continue to design leading-edge software and hardware for drones, and our objective is to become a dominant supplier of operating systems and hardware innovations for drones, UASs, and all kinds of intelligent autonomous vehicles – in the near future.

Drop by and see us sometime at our new expanded facility in Lenexa, Kansas.




Digital Aerolus, Inc.
CEO Jeff Alholm
9910 Widmer Road
Lenexa, KS  66215

Digital Aerolus Announces Aertos 121™ Drone for Public Safety Market

Lenexa, Kan. – August 10, 2018

Digital Aerolus, developer of drone software and hardware, today announced the Aertos™ 121, an inspection drone specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, fire safety and defense professionals. The company began developing drones and flight control technology in 2016.

“Rugged drones that fly in GPS-denied environments can save the lives of first responders and the people they protect,” said CEO Jeff Alholm. He added: “When response teams react to emergency situations like hazardous spills, shooter scenarios or natural disasters, time is critical. FGC™ and Rapid On technologies mean that Aertos™ drones can quickly collect data over large areas, helping response teams assess danger so they can direct resources to the right places. These same features help our armed forces that face complex situations in the field. By navigating stably around structures, near obstacles, or into areas with compromised or no GPS signal, the Aertos™ 121 enhances the search capability of any emergency team.”

The Aertos 121™ features a rugged ducted design. The aerodynamic ducts provide stability and help protect spinning blades as pilots pilots navigate complex environments. An onboard FPV camera with switchable illuminator allows flights into dark or low-light environments, speeding up search and rescue operations. The Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) and obstacle sensors enable Aertos™ drones to fly stably and safely in confined spaces, over reflective surfaces, and in other challenging areas.

“You can purchase Aertos™ drones directly or through our new reseller channel,” said Jim Frank, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Our drones save lives and property. Because pilots can deploy them immediately, response teams can more quickly evaluate an emergency situation. Fast deployment is critical when every second matters.”

For more information, see the website at

About Digital Aerolus

Digital Aerolus, based in Lenexa, Kansas, develops software and hardware for unmanned aerial systems, and manufactures the Aertos™ drones for industrial and first responder markets. The company’s proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) equips drones to fly stably in confined spaces and challenging environments, including inside structures and underground where GPS signals may be compromised or denied. Designed upon advanced mathematics used in space flight control systems, FGC™ can adapt to power other UAV/UAS and drone platforms. Read more about Digital Aerolus at


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Move To New Expanded DA Facility Almost Complete

Move To New Expanded DA Facility Almost Complete

The Digital Aerolus team has almost completed its move from Shawnee to its new facility in Lenexa, Kansas!

Like most corporate moves, this transplant will require lots of time and effort – like maybe 2 months of planning and execution. We’re gaining an increase in office space, in development lab space, and in production line capacity. We’ll also have a considerably larger Fly Space area and a shared warehouse to explore – so be looking for a bunch of new drone demo videos.

Shortly after we started the move, some of the engineering team took a well-deserved break from developing OS software, testing propeller designs, and setting up new offices – and gathered in the new Showroom for some medium-warm pizza and a few Arnold Palmers. We toasted the new digs and the future of Digital Aerolus and intelligent drones. Righteous!

We’ll miss Shawnee, Kansas – – but it’s a good move up and forward. Three Cheers, & Onward!!

Digital Aerolus to Announce New Aertos Drones

Digital Aerolus to Announce New Aertos Drones

In Spring 2018, Digital Aerolus is set to announce a revised product line of industrial UAVs in the Aertos™ series. The revised line includes these models:


Designed for industrial inspections, the Aertos 120™ utilizes efficient internally ducted fans for propulsion. The unique combination of Folded Geometry (FCG™) flight code and ducted fans in our flagship Aertos 120™ model delivers a stable and robust vehicle that can survive the harshest environments. (more…)


Digital Aerolus introduces the advanced Aertos 300™, an industrial inspection drone with open blades. The Aertos 300™ is optimized to assist inspection operations in confined spaces and complete tasks that can prove costly and dangerous if executed by manned operation teams. The Aertos 300™ demonstrates the multiple innovations and a commitment to excellence that will change the way you and your organization consider drones. (more…)


Digital Aerolus introduces the Aertos 121™, a ducted reconnaissance drone optimized for first responders and emergency response teams. The Aertos 121™ is based on our flagship Aertos 120™, and utilizes efficient internally ducted fans for propulsion. The rugged duct design and Folded Geometry (FCG™) flight code combines to deliver a stable, reliable, robust vehicle that survives the harsh environments encountered by police teams and first responders. (more…)



Digital Aerolus introduces the advanced Aertos 200™ and Aertos 201™, industrial drones optimized for warehouse inventory operations. Deploying either an internally ducted fan design or open blades for propulsion, the Aertos 201™ and Aertos 201™ integrate Dronescan software and hardware for efficient inventory scanning. Folded Geometry (FCG™) flight code enables stable, predictable, flights in any warehouse environment. (more…)

See our Products page for more information.