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Artificial Intelligence: White House Launches AI.Gov

On May 5, The White House launched a new website,, to make artificial intelligence knowledge more accessible (via Axios). According to Axios, China’s development of AI technology has led to a “global artificial intelligence race.” The launch of is one of the steps the Biden administration is taking to expand AI knowledge across multiple fields. 

Forbes reported that 83% of businesses “believe AI is a strategic priority for their business today.” According to the White House, the new artificial intelligence website’s audience is the general public and small businesses. 

But was also launched as a tool to advance research. 

Lynne Parker, director of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office, told Axios: “This is a resource that will enable researchers from all over the country to have access to both the computing and the data that they need in order to do cutting edge research.” 

FedScoop reports that the new AI website features recent AI reports and news across different agencies. “details the initiative’s six strategic pillars” and provides news on AI-related legislation and executive orders. 

The Federal news outlet noted that the new website contains information about the AI structure in government and various AI committees, working groups, and task forces. The National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office, an office within the White House created last year by Congress, will run the site.

The core reason the White House is making more efforts to educate the public about artificial intelligence is to “promote equity in the science space,” via Axios. In addition to information, will contain a portal for scholarships and fellowships so that students interested in AI can get assistance paying for their education.  

As an autonomous technology company, we look forward to seeing how this new site develops. Our AI autonomy mimics the human mind in many ways. Read more about Digital Aerolus’ AI autonomy framework to see how we make use of AI and autonomy in our technology.