We’re here at the InterDrone show in Las Vegas, and we just announced a Press Release about our joint development project with engineering firm GBA: the Aertos 120t™ drone for tunnel and culvert inspections.

The new drone flies into confined spaces and through small cross-section pipes and tunnels to autonomously assist inspection teams. The Aertos 120t™ uses our industry leading FGC™ flight code to achieve unparalleled photogrammetry-grade image stability within confined spaces and in the absence of GPS. A suite of LIDAR sensors provide path measurements, while dual onboard cameras equip the drone to perform 360 degree visual inspections. We engineered this unit to fly autonomously, executing a pre-programmed flight path or navigating from station to station, or to fly under the control of a pilot with autonomous assistance.

GBA engineering - inspection drone surveysGBA develops engineering, architectural, and construction management solutions for clients in infrastructure markets like transportation, water environment, and building design. The company has worked with Digital Aerolus in an advisory and testing capacity since 2017. This represents the first co-development partnership between the organizations.

Like all Aertos models, the design and technology of the Aertos 120t™ are extensions of the company’s flagship Aertos 120™ drone. The new Aertos 120t™ model deploys an onboard FPV camera for live video feeds and a hi-resolution camera mounted on a multidirectional gimbal for still images and video anywhere in a 360 degree field of view – including directly above or below the platform. The UAV also includes powerful illuminators, FGC™ flight code for remarkable maneuverability and stability where GPS positioning signals may be weak or absent, and multiple laser sensors that enable the drone to navigate predictably into confined spaces and provide measurement data.

DA continues to design leading-edge software and hardware for drones and other platforms. Our objective is to become a dominant supplier of technology and hardware innovations for drones, UASs, and a variety of autonomous vehicles. Our partnership with GBA and its deep experience with clients helped move this development quickly down that road.

In summer 2018, we moved to our new expanded facility in Lenexa, Kansas. New developments & exciting times are on the way. Stay tuned!





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Digital Aerolus and GBA Announce Autonomous Aertos 120t™ Inspection Drone for Tunnels and Pipes

Lenexa, Kan. – September 5, 2018

Digital Aerolus, developers of drone software and hardware, today announced the Aertos 120t™, a drone specifically designed to meet the needs of infrastructure survey teams inspecting tunnels, pipes, and culverts.

“Industrial users are looking for rugged drones that can fly autonomously in challenging environments like pipes and tunnels,” said Digital Aerolus CEO Jeff Alholm. “We developed the 120t™ drone to help inspection teams save time and money. In challenging spaces like storm sewers and water pipes, an unmanned vehicle can quickly provide critical data while the pilot remains in a safe remote location. Our proprietary FGC™ flight control and multidirectional sensing technologies allow Aertos™ drones to deploy into these previously inaccessible and risky environments where GPS signals are absent and provide unobstructed photogrammetry-grade still and video images.”

Ben Lindner, UAS Group leader at GBA, said: “The Aertos 120t™ will be a game changer in the underground infrastructure inspection world. The ability to autonomously fly and collect data without putting personnel into those environments will save our clients time and resources. Most of the communities we serve are transitioning from a build mode to a maintenance mode as they mature. GBA is excited to work with Digital Aerolus. Partnerships like this create the innovative solutions that modern infrastructure must have to meet its maintenance challenges.”

The Aertos 120t™ features a rugged ducted design that provides stability and helps protect spinning blades as pilots navigate complex environments. Onboard imaging systems include an FPV video camera and a flexible hi-res gimbal-mounted still camera with a dimmable illuminator that facilitates flights into dark or low-light environments. Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) and a laser sensing system enables Aertos™ drones to fly stable, repeatable missions in narrow and confined spaces, over reflective surfaces, and in other challenging areas.

“By December 1, GBA inspection teams will be using the Aertos 120t™ in the field”, said Jim Frank, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “All Aertos™ drones are available directly from Digital Aerolus or through our reseller channels.”

About Digital Aerolus

Digital Aerolus, based in Lenexa, Kansas, develops products and technology for unmanned aerial systems, and manufactures the Aertos™ drones for industrial and first responder markets. The company’s proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) and Mind of Motion™ technology equips drones to fly stably in confined spaces and challenging environments, including inside structures and underground where GPS signals may be compromised or denied. Designed upon advanced mathematics used in space flight control systems, FGC™ and Mind of Motion™ can power a wide range of air vehicles (drone/UAV/UAS) as well as ground (UGV), water (UWV), and underwater (UUV) vehicles. Read more about Digital Aerolus at www.DigitalAerolus.com.

About GBA

GBA provides innovative engineering and architectural solutions to clients throughout the U.S. Primary markets include transportation, water, environment, buildings, site development, and commissioning. GBA and its subsidiaries employ a staff of 250 headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, and with regional offices in Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas and Illinois. Members of GBA’s multi-disciplined staff work closely with clients to accomplish the firm’s core purpose – “creating remarkable solutions for a higher quality of life.” Read more about GBA at www.GBATeam.com.


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