Recently, the marketing team at Digital Aerolus formally announced the Aertos 121™ drone for public safety markets.

Like all Aertos model UAVs, the design and technology of the Aertos 121™ are extensions of the company’s flagship Aertos 120™ drone. The new Aertos model deploys an onboard flexible FPV camera with a powerful illuminator, and incorporates FGC™ flight code for remarkable maneuverability and stability in confined spaces where GPS positioning signals may be weak or absent. First response teams and emergency crews will find the rapid-deploy Aertos 121™ an invaluable tool that will help save time and lives in critical field situations when every second counts.

We continue to design leading-edge software and hardware for drones, and our objective is to become a dominant supplier of operating systems and hardware innovations for drones, UASs, and all kinds of intelligent autonomous vehicles – in the near future.

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Digital Aerolus, Inc.
CEO Jeff Alholm
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Digital Aerolus Announces Aertos 121™ Drone for Public Safety Market

Lenexa, Kan. – August 10, 2018

Digital Aerolus, developer of drone software and hardware, today announced the Aertos™ 121, an inspection drone specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, fire safety and defense professionals. The company began developing drones and flight control technology in 2016.

“Rugged drones that fly in GPS-denied environments can save the lives of first responders and the people they protect,” said CEO Jeff Alholm. He added: “When response teams react to emergency situations like hazardous spills, shooter scenarios or natural disasters, time is critical. FGC™ and Rapid On technologies mean that Aertos™ drones can quickly collect data over large areas, helping response teams assess danger so they can direct resources to the right places. These same features help our armed forces that face complex situations in the field. By navigating stably around structures, near obstacles, or into areas with compromised or no GPS signal, the Aertos™ 121 enhances the search capability of any emergency team.”

The Aertos 121™ features a rugged ducted design. The aerodynamic ducts provide stability and help protect spinning blades as pilots pilots navigate complex environments. An onboard FPV camera with switchable illuminator allows flights into dark or low-light environments, speeding up search and rescue operations. The Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) and obstacle sensors enable Aertos™ drones to fly stably and safely in confined spaces, over reflective surfaces, and in other challenging areas.

“You can purchase Aertos™ drones directly or through our new reseller channel,” said Jim Frank, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Our drones save lives and property. Because pilots can deploy them immediately, response teams can more quickly evaluate an emergency situation. Fast deployment is critical when every second matters.”

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About Digital Aerolus

Digital Aerolus, based in Lenexa, Kansas, develops software and hardware for unmanned aerial systems, and manufactures the Aertos™ drones for industrial and first responder markets. The company’s proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code (FGC™) equips drones to fly stably in confined spaces and challenging environments, including inside structures and underground where GPS signals may be compromised or denied. Designed upon advanced mathematics used in space flight control systems, FGC™ can adapt to power other UAV/UAS and drone platforms. Read more about Digital Aerolus at


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