The DA team is in final prep mode this weekend  –  so we can embark to Chicago for next week’s  AUVSI Xponential Expo trade show at McCormick Place Convention Hall.

We’ll be demonstrating new features and capabilities of the Aertos 120™ inspection drone, and hopefully converging with many of our colleagues and potential customers in the UAV industry who are clamoring to learn more about the our unique indoor drone navigation technology. So, watch this space for regular reports from the team, and for photos of our booth space and indoor Fly Zone net.

It’s 2019 – and it promises to be an eventful year for Digital Aerolus! Thanks to our latest News blog readers for your interest in our technology. Drop by and see us in Booth 2803!

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AUVSI Xponential 2019 – Tue 4/30 thru Thurs 5/2
Booth 2803 – McCormick Place in Chicago

Digital Aerolus, the leader in inspection drones for GPS-denied environments, will demonstrate the latest innovations of its Aertos™ AUV products at the AUVSI Xponential Expo. The industry-awakening capability of Aertos™ drones to navigate stably and predictably indoors and out – without GPS satellite signals, ultrasound, LIDAR, or optical flow – appeals to a broad spectrum of customers including sectors in energy, mining, public safety, transportation and more.

Aertos™ drones deploy protected blades, Bernoulli ducted fan designs, and the company’s proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code™. Jeff Alholm, President and CEO, notes that “many applications for drones include a requirement to fly missions under bridges, around or inside buildings, underground, and in other spaces where GPS signals are weak or non-existent. Our customers want rugged inspection drones that navigate stably and predictably. Delivering this capability is opening significant doors for Digital Aerolus across a variety of industries.”

The company’s Mind of Motion Framework™ and other Digital Aerolus technologies promise to revolutionize how vehicles from UAVs to submarines, cars, and planes understand and navigate complicated environments without satellite signals.