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The Importance of American Made Drones

By February 10, 2020October 5th, 2020No Comments

The Trump administration is preparing an executive order to ban federal departments and agencies from buying or using foreign-made drones, citing a risk to national security, TechCrunch has learned.

In late January of 2020, the US Department of the Interior (DOI) said it will keep the entire U.S. drone fleet grounded, with exceptions for emergencies. There is no decision at this time on when the decision will be changed. After months of review, the DOI is still worried that foreign-made drones may pose a potential threat.

When Interior Secretary David Bernhardt announced the news, he said his department would grant exceptions for tracking wildfires by air and for emergencies where human safety or property damage are at risk.

Bernhardt said the concern with foreign-made drones is that the information that is collected by the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) could be “valuable to foreign entities, organizations, and governments.”

In October 2019, the DOI grounded its more than 800 drones because of concerns that spying and cyberattacks could be possible with foreign-made drones. Many other agencies have since followed suit, necessitating the need for an accountable, secure, domestically sourced solution.

Certain Chinese manufacturers build hardware that communicates information across servers controlled by the manufacturer, creating concern that the collected data could be used to compromise critical infrastructure and pose a significant threat to national security.

The foreign manufacturers build hardware that requires GPS to fly stably and communicate information across servers controlled by the manufacturer.

American made drones from Digital Aerolus

All Aertos® drones by Digital Aerolus are designed and manufactured in America at our headquarters in Kansas City. Every line of our proprietary Folded Geometry Code (FGC™) was developed by our team at Digital Aerolus. We chose to launch drones as our first commercial product in part due to security concerns about the drone industry. Our US-made platform provides an accountable, domestic solution that is secure from end-to-end.

Our US-made platform provides an accountable, domestic solution that is secure from end-to-end. Our team developed every line of our proprietary navigation system at Digital Aerolus.

Digital Aerolus is in a unique position to provide a world-class UAS for GPS-denied environments.

Digital Aerolus currently sells the Aertos line of commercial drones based upon our proprietary autonomous framework called the Mind of Motion Framework. Digital Aerolus now sells the Aertos UAS based upon elements of this technology.

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