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Aertos commercial drones from Digital Aerolus easily fly where other drones fail. Don’t take our word for it — watch and listen to our existing customers. Testimonials from our customers make a powerful case on the difference between Aertos drones and all others.


ARE provides UAS services to help businesses and organizations gain critical data about their assets. The ARE team is made up of Aviators, Engineers, Data Processors, and GIS Specialists offering end-to-end inspection solutions.  At a recent bridge inspection, two ARE engineers explain why they use Aertos commercial drones, and why the drones are so unique.


AKDRONE co-founder Thomas Tapp is so pleased about the Aertos 120 drone’s ability to fly in confined spaces and underground, he created a video about how well the drone performs.

Thomas and his team at AKDRONE use the Aertos® 120 for their work in Valdez, Alaska. The team at AKDRONE utilizes the Aertos 120 for industrial inspections, surveillance, and for media production.

All our commercial drones fly using our proprietary system that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with multi-dimensional mathematics. The Aertos family of drones uses breakthrough technology, allowing stable flight indoors, in confined spaces, and in areas without GPS navigation.

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