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by Jacob Davisson, Head of Engineering

In last week’s blog, we discussed the incredible new pilot controller system that we have been putting the finishing touches on. We know that this controller system will bring a new level of control and ability for you to collect the image data that you require to get the job done. During the development of this controller system, we recognized that we had an opportunity to expand the functionality of the Aertos™ product line. We are proud to soon bring you another all-American designed and built drone product — the Aertos™ 130IR.

Since the development of the pilot controller system coincided with hardware updates in the drone itself, we took the opportunity to really do some incredible stuff. We designed our robustly-encrypted radio link to receive incoming pilot commands and transmit high-quality video feeds back down to the pilot. This design has allowed us to minimize the video feed latency so that the images you capture are as close to the images you’re seeing on the screen as possible.

We included the same high-performance Nvidia parallel processor as in the pilot controller system. This provides the same incredible video processing capabilities to the drone, and allows multiple, high-quality video feeds to be captured and processed simultaneously. By doing so, we were able to expand the array of sensors that we provide to pilots.

The Aertos™ 130IR extends the functionality of the original Aertos™ 120 series of drones by incorporating a significantly-increased sensor array. When development of the Aertos™ 120 was underway, we stuck with a minimal set of sensors — excluding the magnetometer and GPS, notably — so that we would be able to fly with you out where the work is. The Aertos™ 130IR changes the game, incorporating three Intel sensors from their RealSense product line. These sensors, operating under our custom sensor fusion techniques, allow us to assist pilots in real-time in flying in the most challenging, GPS-denied environments.

We are excited to bring this new UAV platform to you — we know that it will revolutionize your flights in the most demanding, GPS-denied environments. As we finish each of the remaining finishing touches, our excitement increases at what we have created, and we know that you’ll love it.