confined space drones Digital Aerolus developed the Aertos® 120 commercial drone for industrial applications and for flying in indoor inspections and confined spaces.

Our flagship Aertos 120 drone (Product SKU: DA-A120) demonstrates numerous innovations that change the way the inspection markets use unmanned vehicles for workflow. Its proprietary FGC™ flight control system delivers stable flight in GPS-denied environments. The Aertos 120 optimizes efficiency and deliver maximum performance in confined spaces during inspections and other operations that can prove costly.

The Aertos 120 deploys internally ducted fans for propulsion. The unique combination of FGC™ flight code and ducted fan design creates a robust vehicle that navigates stably and survives in the harshest environments.

Thruster arms and duct assemblies can easily be replaced in the field if damage occurs during a collision. Rugged manufacturing standards, including a carbon fiber frame and support components, ensure that your vehicle flies safely and predictably — every time.


Aertos 120 Drone Uses

Aertos 120 drones are used for inspection and surveillance tasks in confined spaces and underground.  Here are just a few of the ways our clients use this drone:

  • Confined spaces
  • Narrow culverts
  • Tunnels
  • Electrical vaults
  • Maintenance holes and sewers
  • Small tanks
  • Stacks
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Aertos 120 Testimonial

Pilots who fly the Aertos 120 are passionate about the drone’s performance. AKDRONE co-founder Thomas Tapp created a video about the Aertos® 120, because of the drone’s ability to fly in confined spaces and underground. Thomas and his team at AKDRONE use the Aertos® 120 for their work in Valdez, Alaska. The team at AKDRONE utilizes the Aertos 120 for industrial inspections, surveillance, and for media production.

Download our sales spec sheet for our cornerstone product, the Aertos 120 – Product SKU DA-A120 

Digital Aerolus Aertos 120 Spec Sheet

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