Aertos 120-UVC Indoor Disinfection Drone

Digital Aerolus has developed a new indoor drone with UVC light technology that can be used to disinfect and combat COVID-19.

Digital Aerolus developed the Aertos 120-UVC to disinfect spaces that are high risk for exposure to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). 

The Aertos 120-UVC is the first stable indoor drone with C-band ultraviolet (UVC) lights. When administered properly, UVC has over a 99% disinfection rate. The new disinfection drone will be available in volume in May.

Aertos 120-UVC

The new Aertos 120-UVC (Product SKU: DA-A120UVC) drone combines a proven industrial drone platform with verified UVC disinfection capabilities to reduce health risks for humans.

Digital Aerolus creates the most advanced industrial indoor drones in the marketplace. The Aertos® line of commercial drones uses proprietary operating systems, applying AI technologies and mathematics used in space navigation.

The combination of an industrial, indoor drone with small but powerful UVC lights allows more organizations to use UVC disinfecting tactics quickly. Download the Aertos 120-UVC spec sheet here or download the Aertos 120-UVC brochure here.


Aertos disinfecting drone

Aertos 120-UVC Commercial Drone Uses

The Aertos 120-UVC drone provides UVC disinfection capabilities for essential businesses in multiple areas:

  • Healthcare facilities - patient rooms, hospital rooms, and waiting areas
  • Grocery stores - checkout areas
  • Airplanes and Public Transit – seats and exposed surfaces
  • Business common areas - restrooms, workrooms, break rooms
  • Warehouses - product handling areas
  • Education facilities - daycare facilities or schools

Aertos 120-UVC Technology

The Aertos 120-UVC was created specifically to combat the spread of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). When administered properly, UVC has over a 99% disinfection rate.

There are multiple variables in every disinfection situation. As a general rule if  greater than 3 milli-Joules of energy can be delivered to a cm by cm surface, then a greater than 99% disinfection rate is achieved.

  • The Aertos 120-UVC flies above a surface using 36 optically intense 265 NM LED UVC sources
  • When the drone flies at 6 feet above a surface for 5 minutes, it provides a greater than 99% disinfection rate of more than a 2 x 2-meter surface
Aertos 120-UVC

UVC Light Disinfection is Proven Technology

UVC disinfection is a physical process that disrupts the DNA of harmful microorganisms and destroys their ability to reproduce. UVC light emitted in the wavelength range centered around 265 NM is generally considered the gold standard for effective UVC disinfection.

COVID-19 is a new virus related to other well-characterized viruses. At this time, the CDC continues to develop broad disinfection guidelines for this virus. Recent research and protocols indicate that UVC energy centered around the 265 NM
wavelength is useful for COVID-19 disinfection.

Reserve a Aertos 120-UVC Disinfection Drone

The Aertos 120-UVC (Product SKU: DA-A120UVC) drone will be available in volume in May, through Digital Aerolus partners and resellers including CDW.

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