Digital Aerolus has developed a new indoor drone with UVC energy that disinfects pathogens and combats COVID-19.

Digital Aerolus developed the Aertos 120-UVC to disinfect spaces that are high risk for exposure to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

The Aertos 120-UVC is the world’s first indoor drone using C-band ultraviolet (UVC) energy for disinfection. When administered properly, UVC has over a 99% disinfection rate.

The new Aertos 120-UVC drone combines a proven industrial drone platform with verified UVC disinfection capabilities to reduce health risks for humans.

Digital Aerolus creates the most advanced industrial indoor drones in the marketplace. The Aertos® line of commercial drones utilize AI technologies and mathematics used in space navigation.

Digital Aerolus partners with UVC experts at Crystal IS – a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of UVC LEDs – to produce the Aertos 120-UVC disinfection drone. The UVC LED lights on the drone are used in healthcare and water purification applications.

The Aertos 120-UVC allows more organizations to use powerful UVC disinfecting tactics. Download the Aertos 120-UVC spec sheet or download the Aertos 120-UVC brochure.


The Aertos 120-UVC drone provides UVC disinfection capabilities for businesses in multiple industries:

  • Healthcare – patient rooms, hospital rooms, and waiting areas
  • Grocery and retail stores – checkout areas, common areas
  • Airplanes and Public Transit – seats and exposed surfaces
  • Business common areas – restrooms, workrooms, lunchrooms
  • Warehouses – product handling areas
  • Education – daycare facilities, schools, colleges
  • Sports – Professional and college locker rooms, weight rooms
  • Food and Entertainment – Movie theaters, restaurants, fast food

Aertos 120-UVC Technology

There are multiple variables in every disinfection situation. Our team works with UVC Application engineers who have access to the latest UVC tools and years of experience to determine the proper drone disinfection dose for each situation. The Aertos 120-UVC drone is available through Digital Aerolus partners and resellers including CDW. (Product SKU: DA-A120UVC)

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The Aertos 120-UVC is the world's first indoor drone using C-band ultraviolet (UVC) energy for disinfection. Find out how the 120-UVC can help keep your business safe.

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