Digital Aerolus is an autonomous technology company. We develop autonomous mobility systems for any vehicle that flies, drives, dives, or swims.

Digital Aerolus has a cutting-edge framework for autonomy combining A.I. with math from deep space navigation. We’ve built an autonomous mobility system using complex mathematical techniques applied in new ways. Our framework has 18 patents granted or in-process for our work.

Digital Aerolus first commercial product is a line of industrial drones for indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces. Our Aertos commercial drones are designed to fly stably in confined spaces and areas where GPS is denied.

Digital Aerolus designs and builds transformative technology in the United States. Everything we do is built in America at our headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City.

Digital Aerolus founders

Jeff Alholm – CEO

Jeff is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Aerolus.  He has an extensive resume as an executive responsible for transforming technology inventions.  As an executive leader, Jeff’s work has led to the creation of over 25 patents and successful business ventures, creating products and businesses in handheld mobile phones, millimeter-wave imaging, chipsets for the creation of the Wi-Fi standard, capnography, and pulse oximetry. His business ventures have created significant value for investors.  To learn more about Jeff’s executive leadership in technology businesses, click here.

Rod Underdown – CFO

Rod is the Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Digital Aerolus.  He has served in executive leadership of both private and public companies for over 20 years.  Rod’s career includes leading complex multi-national companies as CFO, corporate secretary, and compliance officer and through numerous ownership transitions, including seventeen years at Compass Minerals (NYSE:  CMP).  During his career as CFO, he has negotiated capital raises totaling more than $2 billion and acquired companies totaling more than $150 million.  As an executive leader, Rod’s business ventures have created significant value for investors.

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