Imaging a Power Plant Coal Bunker

Imaging a Power Plant Coal Bunker

You’ve probably done it.

You’ve probably had the chance to make a long 2-state day trip for the opportunity to demonstrate to a prospective client your problem-solving technology that accomplishes things your competitors cannot. You’ve made your plan, tested your hardware, assembled your team early in the morning, pounded across the Midwest prairie, met your client in his high-technology facility, told your story, pulled your unique leading-edge hardware out of its transportation case – – and then startled your client with an afternoon of successful drone imaging missions.

Or, maybe you haven’t.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what the DA field team did on Wednesday, January 6, 2019.

Well, it was a long and challenging day. There’s a zillion things that can go wrong in a long technical day. For example, the breakfast menu screen in your Big Chain highway-stop restaurant might get suddenly infected with some kind of Blue Screen Of Death that causes a delay in your waffle order.

But: despite a few minor obstacles, we were able to successfully accomplish our major objectives:

  • set up the Aertos drone to fly indoors in a complicated dusty space with narrow access opening, confined quarters, and no GPS
  • execute several sustained flight missions for our client
  • demonstrate in these real-world instances the unique capabilities of the Aertos drones, our FGC flight code technology, and the DA team.

So, take a look. Here’s some imagery we obtained flying in the interior of a decommissioned coal bunker:

This was not an easy flight. No one had been inside this structure in more than a decade, and concrete spalling and rusting beams presented some treacherous hazards. The risks were significant.

The Aertos drone flew like a champ and completed numerous missions, navigating predictably indoors and in a challenging environment without access to the GPS signals that the drones from our competition depend on.

We’ve worked on our technology for years – ever since realizing that what we learned while we grew our roots in space navigation could capably serve terrestrial drones. We intend to unlock the 50% of the world that up until now has not been accessible to commercial UAVs that can’t navigate stably without signals from earth-orbit satellites. We deploy Aertos UAVs with our proprietary Folded Geometry flight Code into mines, warehouses, and power plants, and around dense infrastructure that defeats other commercial inspection drones.

The team at the power plant was impressed — and they told us so. We hope Aertos drones will soon be flying lots of missions for this power company.

And, that’s a good day – even if the breakfast screen at Denny’s had a Blue Screen Of Death.

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