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Industrial Drones

Digital Aerolus designs and builds commercial drones for indoor, inaccessible and confined spaces.

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Drones That Do The Inconceivable

Digital Aerolus line of drones flies into treacherous situations, keeping your workers safe. Our Aertos™ 120 flies stably indoors and outdoors without GPS, other external aids or sensors via our Folded Geometry Code (FGC™).

“We created our drones to fly stably where no one else would dare venture. Our drones keep people safe.”

-Jeff Alholm, CEO

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At the end of every test flight, our team hears, “we didn’t know drones could do that” or “we didn’t think it was possible.” Schedule a test flight with our training team and see our drones perform the impossible with your own eyes.

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Digital Aerolus uses revolutionary technology to deliver the most advanced commercial drones on the planet.  We create drones to explore indoor, inaccessible and confined spaces.  Call today to see how our Aertos™ 120 drone can revolutionize your business.

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