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Aertos™ Drones


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Aertos™ Drones

Empower your workforce. Fly in challenging environments.

Safely Fly Indoors & Out

Rugged, reliable Aertos™ drones fly predictably and stably in challenging real-world environments – including indoors where GPS is unreliable or absent. Advanced ducted designs and guards protect spinning blades, allowing Aertos™ drones to safely interface with humans and explore environments without risk of injury to users or damage to surfaces or objects.

Explore Risky & Difficult-Access Environments

Aertos™ drones with Folded Geometry Code (FGC™) deploy rapidly and fly stably in high-risk environments that defeat other drones. High-resolution camera systems collect vital visual data during industrial inspections, mining operations, or public safety security or surveillance tasks.

Advanced Software

Proprietary Folded Geometry Code™ flight control and operating system software enables seamless flight in indoor and outdoor spaces including GPS-denied environments. We based FGC™ upon the advanced flight mathematics used in spacecraft navigation.  The Digital Aerolus Behavioral Language & Environment (DABLE™) team is working to implement Aertos™ drones with advanced autonomous and Artificial Intelligence (AI) behaviors.

Industrial Inspections

Aertos™ drones from Digital Aerolus represent a true 21st-century solution for commercial inspections. Aertos™ drones fly stably and safely in GPS-denied environments like near bridges and around infrastructure, and deploy rapidly just seconds after power-up. Ducted and protected prop designs help prevent both injury to personnel and damage to obstacles or the drone’s blades.

Emergency & Public Safety

When you’re first on the scene, you don’t know what you’re walking into. Public safety officers and first reponders need a tool to help them rapidly identify and assess a potential threat. Digital Aerolus drones deploy quickly and operate independently of GPS or Wi-Fi signals to provide emergency personnel with the critical information and intelligence they need, even in tight challenging spaces or underground.


Collect critical visual data in challenging environments where steel, concrete, or other materials compromise the availability of GPS signals. Work close to bridges, dams, towers, and other dense infrastructure.


Rugged designs and the ability to navigate in GPS-denied environments help Aertos™ drones inspect hydroelectric plants and towers, assess facilities for leaks and pipe breaks, or maintain stacks and towers.


Optimize mine and cavern operations in spaces where GPS is compromised or denied. Plan and conduct inspections at a distance or from the safety of a remote location; survey chat and refuse piles or tunnels and passageways.


Deploy drones to visually inspect indoor storage areas, automate the collection of inventory data using QR or bar code scanners,   or safely survey indoor storage spaces to maintain accurate insurance records or archives.


Aertos 120™ navigates a tricky obstacle course

Piloted from a distance using long-range telemetry and camera point-of-view, the Aertos 120™ easily navigates a simulated disaster area inside a metal structure. Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight code helps the vehicle to fly safely and stably without reference to GPS or other positioning signals, and the gimbal-mounted camera offers the pilot a broad perspective of the aircraft’s environment. Emergency responders in challenging conditions can safely deploy the Aertos 120™ to explore target areas, and control the UAV from the safety of a remote location.

Seeing the world from the inside out!

Aertos 120™ images a coal ash boiler

The Aertos™ 120 explored a decommissioned coal ash boiler in a Midwest power plant to inspect the vents & burners, look for concrete spalling, and collect visual data. The drone flew stably a tight vertical space without GPS or LIDAR, thanks to its rugged airframe, Folded Geometry (FGC™) flight Code, and innovative ducted fan protected-blade design. The VIRB camera payload with user-controllable gimbal and switchable illuminator delivered close high-resolution imagery of the target. Flight date: Jan. 9, 2019.

Explore worlds invisible to other drones!

Advanced mathematics and proproetary flight code enable stable flight indoors and out in Aertos drones.

“Why Math Matters”

Rethinking Drone Flight Stability

In this whitepaper article, Digital Aerolus discusses the importance of math in the context of our proprietary Folded Geometry Code (FGC™). Digital Aerolus UAVs integrate code with the same advanced FGC™ mathematics used in space navigation as key components of our aircraft flight control and operating system.


“Our approach – a single multi-dimensional model – maintains all perspectives at all times.”